Advice for a new user?


So I’m getting my first Soylent shipment tomorrow and was wondering if anybody had any advice for getting started. Is it better to take it gradually, or is it ok to jump right in with 2 meals a day? My girlfriend is worried about the gas, so any advice on minimizing that would be appreciated as well.



It’s been discussed a lot around here… definitely start slow. Replace just one meal a day (most of us suggest breakfast) for several days at least and see how you feel, then add another, etc. until you’ve reached the consumption % you want to hit. Very few people are doing 100% Soylent, most of us seem to range somewhere between 30% and 80% or so.



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@dkf1031 And drink it slowly.


I’ve been eating Soylent for almost a month now. When I started I went to 100% Soylent. I’ve continued to eat nothing but Soylent, water, and occasionally tea.

I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever from doing it this way. No gas at all, absolutely no hunger, no headaches, no problems at all.

For the first week I sipped throughout the day. I started chugging 3 times per day for the next 2 weeks to save time and because I got a nasty tasting batch. this week I’ve been back to sipping. I haven’t notice any difference at all in the different methods of ingestion.

I may be the only person on this forum that has had this experience though. Everybody else seems to have trouble with hunger, headaches, and gas.


Wow… I must say you are unusual to have had ZERO issues. Not everyone has them all, but it’s pretty standard to at least have one of the aforementioned issues. Lucky you! :slight_smile:


Indeed. I am very happy with this product so far.


Day 1, drank in the late morning and have some mild stomach discomfort. Not sure if that’s due to the Soylent or not, but I suppose it beats the gas. I’ve read the horror stories on here. Hopefully the discomfort subsides with continued use.


How much did you drink and how quickly? Lots of us have had stomach discomfort from drinking a large-ish quantity in a short span of time. It’s easy to do before you’ve figured out your own volume needs.


I had a serving (~⅓ of a pitcher) in about 20 minutes. Is that too quick?


That doesn’t seem too fast to me, but I suppose everyone is individual. I can go through 20oz sometimes in a half hour, and haven’t had any trouble with that at all. I can down 12 oz in a minute or two quite easily, but there might be an element of adjustment time in my case, I think I’d have had a harder time with that in my early days with Soylent.

But there are others who have always chugged their quickly to no ill effect so… I guess the one sure fire way for you to know if it’s a factor for you, would be to drink more slowly your next serving and see if you notice anything. One other consideration is that while technically 1/3 of a pouch is supposed to be “a meal”, many of us have noticed that we need less Soylent to be satisfied, than we anticipated. So maybe for you a “meal” is more like 1/4 of a pouch… just another possibility.


Day 4, only had minor gas so far (awful smell, but pretty infrequent). Stepping up to two meals today. One question: My glass usually has some grit left at the bottom when I’m done. Is this normal? Am I missing something super important by not drinking that?


yep, quite normal. Many people add a little water to the bottom of their glass and swig it down. Personally I can’t stand it that way, so I’ll add a little extra water when my glass is maybe down to 10% left, so that I get almost nothing left behind but it’s not just “soylent flavored water”. :smile:

Oh and you shouldn’t be missing anything critical. Maybe a calorie or two tops I would think.


Good to know. Thanks!


No problem, welcome to > 50% Soylent! :up:


For what it’s worth, I’ll add my experience. I was early to Soylent but didn’t receive my first shipment until late Sept 14. I’ve been using it since. I did gain weight with Soylent. I found it easy to use, easy to drink and had VERY minor gassy issues. However, the more I used it, the more hungry I seemed to get. Soylent for breakfast and dinner and a restaurant meal at lunch. As I progressed I would drink a glass of Soylent before going to bed.

With 1.3 things changed. And, I have too. When I get up in the morning I drink 2-16 oz glasses of water, then have my coffee. So now it’s 1 Soylent meal at dinner and lunch at a restaurant. I haven’t had any blood work done, but do notice improvement in how I feel (I’m 63). I am anxious to get the blood work done as I know there will be improvement. I was off BP pills for a short time, but eventually my BP went back up. BUT I am not discouraged. I know IF I lose weight w/Soylent, my BP will settle down. All-in-all Soylent has been the easiest product to use. I don’t mind the taste or texture and I am not having the gassy issues I read about here. As a senior who doesn’t care to cook for herself, this has solved big problems. So bravo Soylent, I remain a fan.