Advice from DIY Makers


Hey All, I have been observing and looking at all your formulas. How has it been so far?

Since I stay far far away i.e. in India, I’m now creating my own because I can’t get a hold of Robs product. I am attaching my ingredient mix. It currently just has the basics but am I missing anything crucial?

Also how are your Soylent’s tasting? Are you using an emulsifier? If so which one and what quantity?

Any advice is much appreciated.



The spreadsheet is asking for permission before being opened.


Thanks for letting me know. It should work now. Here it is again:


Well I don’t see a fat source. There’s a little in oat powder but you’ll probably want more than that. It seems like most people are using olive oil for the more basic recipes.


Thanks for pointing that out. Yes I missed adding that. ANything else missing?


Hope you can see it now?


I sure can. And I hate the word limit that forced me to add this sentence just to confirm something. You hear that @jatwood?