Advice Needed From Soylent Users

Hello All, I have a question for people who have been using Soylent for a period of time. I have just started using Soylent to be honest and will admit I have always had bad eating habits mostly because of time constraints. I pretty much never ate breakfast or lunch just dinner after work and normally pasta or rice dishes or bangers and mash. Im about 5’8 and about 185-190 pounds and active with my job

Anyhows I was originally going to have my soylent meals to keep me going through the day for Breakfast and Lunch and have dinner when I get home to even my food intake and get into good habits and lose a little weight to be healthy. But to my dismay the soylent is making me way too full! There is no way I could drink a whole pitcher of this a day.

Today was my first working day and I had the 16oz for breakfast around 8.30 and took about 18oz of Coffee to sip till it was done. and basically had to force myself to drink the other 16oz of Soylent for lunch around 2.00 and when I got home I wasn’t really hungry so I had a bowl of soup and feel really over full and that was 7pm.

Is this normal? I only had about 1200 calories today and i feel like dirt for it. Am I doing something wrong? Thanking you in advance for any help or advice you may give

Don’t worry about it and do what feels right. I think this is just temporary, but don’t force yourself to drink a certain quantity of Soylent or anything else, for that matter.


I do not like the 4 servings of 500 Calories each for the pitcher. Instead I split the pitcher into 5 servings that are 400 calories each. Then I alternate between drinking only 4 servings of Soylent one day (1600 calories), then the next day I will drink 3 servings of Soylent (1200 calories ) + a 800 calorie solid food. This alternates me between 1600/2000 calories and also allows me to enjoy eating out.

1200 calories is the bare minimum anyone should intake if they are completely sedentary. Before Soylent I was consuming an average of 2700 calories a day and I was 290 lbs. My original goal was a 2000 calorie diet, but the 1600 is so easy to maintain with the Soylent removing all my cravings that I use that as a base. Even if I ate 1 solid meal a day if I keep it under 2000 I have had a good day.

I also recommend you drink 400 calories of Soylent about 45-60 minutes before bed. This helps get a better night sleep since your stomach has something in it most of the night. People used to say not to eat before bed because it would make you gain weight, but this is false. Weight gain is just input of calories vs your output of calories.

Also, on my 1600 calorie day that is supposed to be Soylent only. If somehow time passes and I found I only drank Soylent twice for 800 calories and it is too late to get another 2 drinks in, then I will go with 800 calories of solid food instead of the 2 soylent to bring me to my 1600 calories.

There is really no wrong way to do it if you just try to maintain a certain calorie range. The best thing about Soylent is that it will remove the cravings between meals which is the hardest part of any diet.

P.S. People who are on pure Soylent should also be drink 1 pitcher worth of water throughout the day also. The easiest way I conditioned my body to do this is to just drink 1 full glass of water in between each Soylent meal.

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No it’s not normal but not unheard of either. Some people feel incredibly full from Soylent most don’t. All I can suggest is stick with it and drink it slower if you can.


Please don’t beat yourself up. The best guide to how much you should eat is your own body. If you’re not hungry, chances are you don’t need to eat any more.

Give yourself a break! You’re doing fine :slight_smile:

Edit: then again, in case I misunderstood you: do you feel unwell after eating 1200 calories of Soylent?


Dude you are lucky.

You listed losing weight as one of your goals so I don’t see where the problem is.


The advice from Rosa Labs and the consensus of the forums is to listen to your body and not try to force yourself to eat a certain amount. If you find yourself feeling full and satisfied off of less than 2K calories of Soylent, then eat that much. The split pitcher is annoying, but you’ll be happier and healthier for it, I think.