Advice on brownies


Hey everyone! Some (many?) of you may remember my brownie kickstarter from last year. Well even though it was just for fun and only a handful of people backed it, I do intend to get you all your brownies! I haven’t delivered because all my attempts to make a full batch (1 bag of Soylent) have resulted in very sub-par results.

It’s been incredibly frustrating, and I went through so many bags of Soylent and got so annoyed, I actually got fed up with baking brownies and haven’t done a batch in a couple months. Instead, I turned to cookies. Fortunately I was able to nail an absolutely amazingly delicious cookie recipe, and I will be sending everyone cookies as well, as an extra bonus for being so patient. :smile:

But, I still need to nail the perfect brownie, and I’m hoping to get some help from this forum.

My suspicion on the problems with the brownies is that I’ve been trying to make them with as little “extra” ingredients as possible. But my only past experience making brownies (including following @leecauble1’s tasty Soylent brownie recipe) always involved adding things like eggs, milk, etc. While those are tasty, I feel like they kinda defeat the point to baking with Soylent, so I’m trying to make brownies without so many of the “usual” added ingredients and that seems to be very challenging! I’ve done zillions of searches and read tons of recipes on “gluten free brownies” and “vegan brownies” etc. and have adapted numerous recipes to Soylent, but again… nothing has really turned out. I’ve done a few small batches (1 cup Soylent) that actually came out nearly perfect. Quite tasty in most cases but the texture was usually a little off, or they were too crumbly, or sticky, etc. But so close!

So can any of the more baker-inclined in the forum, offer me some advice? I also currently have the option of baking with 1.2, 1.3 (probably work the same), or 1.5 Soylent. I’ve done cookies with 1.4 and they came out great, but have only tried brownies with < 1.4. What do I need to do to get a “perfect” brownie out of an entire bag of Soylent? Here’s what I have listed as my “next try” recipe:

1 bag soylent powder (<= 1.3)
1/2 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp kosher salt

mix dry ingredients together in medium bowl

4 Tbls oil (or 1 bottle)
2/3 cup water
1tsp vanilla extract

mix wet together in large bowl

mix dry ingredients into wet, pour into pan.  Cook 40 mins at 350 degrees

Again this is my “next test” recipe so I haven’t tried it yet, but have done variations that are similar. Where am I going wrong? Any suggestions on what to tweak, without adding eggs or a leavening agent?


Is that code for pot?


LOL! No but early on in Soylent’s life I actually did ask if anyone had tried making medicated Soylent brownies yet. :smile:

No it was simply referring to adding as little as possible besides Soylent itself. Obviously that’s going to include chocolate of some form, and some sugar, but I’d like to add as little of “non Soylent” stuff as possible, or I feel like they quickly stop becoming “Soylent brownies” and just turn into “brownies”. Knowhutimean?


Mary Jane?  


A coworker just walked by while I was reading this before heading out to lunch and I couldn’t stop laughing. We have “Washington Brownies” here :wink:


Even creating a “normal” brownie recipe involves a lot of trial and error. If anything, I think using Soylent as a base will make refining the recipe more difficult.

Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, maybe I’m stuck continuing to experiment on my own. Ah well… if anyone reading this has made gluten free or vegan brownies before and has any suggestions (since I think that’s the closest thing there will be to Soylent brownies already existing), please do share!


I’m wondering if there is a need for oil if your using 1.4 or 1.5 since they already contain fat. If you don’t want to add whole eggs what about egg whites? I was also wondering if the brownie pan that gives every brownie edges would make the baking more even.
I haven’t done any baking since my cracker fail maybe it’s time to get back to the test kitchen.


Yeah I was only adding oil with versions <= 1.3. All my baking with 1.4 has had no added oil. As far as eggs go, I’d love to just leave them out entirely. Personally I have no issue with eggs when it comes to baking, so if I’m going to add eggs I’ll just add them. But I’d love to find a way to not need them. I read a number of vegan brownie recipes and they use no eggs, so clearly it’s possible to make brownies without them. It just hasn’t worked out for me.

As for a pan, I did buy a mini muffin pan which works great as far as crust on every brownie goes. My only attempt to date at baking brownies with it however, didn’t go well… I mistakenly added like 8x the amount of salt they should’ve had, they were pretty awful.

I just wish that a recipe for 1 cup of Soylent, would simply scale to a full bag. So far that hasn’t really worked out for me and I don’t know why.


Why not convert all the measurement to grams? It would probably make it easier to scale up. I’ve got a pretty good one.
My next test I’ll try that


Yeah that might help, but even without that the math isn’t that hard. quadrupling 2 Tbls for example, isn’t exactly rocket science. :wink:

Plus I don’t have a way to measure in grams so that wouldn’t actually work for me anyway. All I have are good ol’ cup/Tbls/Tsp measurements.


I think you’d need the oil or butter for this and the odds of someone making that are slim to none.

That was funny, though. :laughing:


You could look at some existins recipies and adjust them. Like this one that you can cook small portions in a microwave. Small portions means great for experimenting and also to make a quick meal.

I’ll try to make a try at it this weekend, I’ll let you know what the recipe looks like at the end and the result.


What are you using to hold the brownies together? That’s effectively what the eggs are there for. Without some sort of binding agent (like eggs), you get gloopy fudge or a a crumbly mess or just a brick. But hard to get a brownie. Are you able to make cookies without eggs?


Cookies without eggs are easy, yes. Every batch I’ve done has been without eggs. But brownies have proven more elusive.

We have a new oven now and it’s a convection, so far all I’ve made is corn bread but it came out ridiculously perfect. I’m optimistic about trying brownies again with better luck. Perhaps tomorrow.


Wow there’s a blast from the past… :slight_smile:

Sadly I was never able to figure out how to make good brownies without eggs, butter, etc. In which case they’re basically just regular brownies IMO. I haven’t tried again in a long time now.


What an interesting idea! I should try all these recipes by you, guys! Thanks!