Advice on DIY soylent


This is my first time making a DIY formula and I was hoping that I could get some advice on how to improve it. Before I actually start buying any ingredients I want to make sure that there isn’t anything I’m missing.

Thanks for any advice!


Even if it costs a bit more per day to start buy the smaller packages so you can try out the recipe, once you’re happy with it buy in bulk to save cash.

It’ll probably be gritty with that much oat flour, some people are good with that, some aren’t, and the flax seed will probably be a bit rough, you’ll need to run it through a blender to smooth that out. You don’t need the MSM, there’s plenty of SAA’s coming from the protein, the protein ingredient in your list just doesn’t account for them and should be corrected. Be careful with the omega 3, it’s a blood thinner and you don’t want to over do it, here’s a good talk on the ratios of o3/o6.


Also, most people aren’t used to the levels of potassium and sodium you’re looking at, so take it slow to start. You’re levels look good, but if you bounce up you’re potassium intake too quickly you could get some pretty bad headaches.


Cool, thanks so much