Advice on muggle food diet with Soylent


I’m not positive this goes under Nutrition, but it seems like this is where it should be? Warning and apologies for a super long post.

People here seem knowledge and helpful so I was hoping to get general thoughts on what I would potentially need to supplement to balance Soylent with a non-soylent meal.

My team at work gets lunch every day and the food is actually pretty good, not having to prepare it myself makes it the ideal meal in my mind to not replace with Soylent (I don’t mind the somewhat higher cost, since it’s cheap for a social meal with friends).

Some background about me:
I’ve been badly underweight since I was a child, currently 5’11" and a little under 130 pounds. I’ve been trying to put on some weight since middle school, but I get sick if I eat a lot at once, and I can never force myself to prepare food frequently throughout the day, so I’m probably undereating (which is one of the main reasons I’m hoping Soylent can help). I’m not super active, although if I start feeling better from having a healthier diet, I will probably start working out more, but I can always adjust my diet then.

For lunch I almost always have half a chicken breast (not breaded or fried or anything) or leg occasionally, somewhere around half a cup of rice, and half a cup of mashed potatoes, and some assorted vegetables (green and red peppers, squash, asparagus, broccoli, yams, carrots, onions, a couple types at once rotated throughout the week).

Based off of what I’m reading about new soylent ingredients and what I’m eating, I’m guessing I would probably want to add a little fiber and maybe a little protein? With what I’m eating for lunch would I have 3/4 a bag of Soylent or 2/3 probably?
Obviously I don’t expect perfect accuracy, but something just to get me in the “ballpark” would be super helpful.

Thank you!


Don’t worry about extra protein. At your weight Soylent has plenty of protein, unless you’re doing significant strength training.

As to how mush Soylent, that’s hard to predict. Drink as much as is comfortable for you, and keep an eye on your weight.


Until your weight gets up to a more “reasonable” number I would suggest sipping as much Soylent as you can. It might be helpful if you don’t have meals so much as just drink the 2 liters through out the day. Sort of trick your brain into thinking it’s not food you’re drinking.


This is basically my plan. Although I think I might not have it as bad drinking lots of soylent as once (When I had jaw surgery I was having like 3000 calories of Ensure Complete daily in 3 “meals” to try and avoid losing weight, although I still lost weight then).
So basically go with a full bag a day then? I’ll probably have a serving when I wake up, one a couple hours after lunch, one with whatever my roommate has for “dinner” (A ham and cheese sandwich is not a full dinner!) and then one a few hours after.


That sounds like an excellent plan to me.


I’m not sure how to gain weight with Soylent, but eating potato chips and chocolate always does the trick for me. :disappointed_relieved:


Oh how I wish. I still eat tons of junk food and don’t gain anything. Back in High School I tried eating a lot more and a lot healthier, along with doing conditioning run by our fencing coach that was in the military, and I barely gained any weight over 3+ months. I’m going to see if hopefully a more balanced Soylent diet does anything, and then ideally start getting back in shape?
But until I get mine, gimme all your potato chips and chocolate!


Yeah I’ve always had the opposite problem; it’s incredibly easy for me to gain weight, but I need to closely watch how much I eat (not necessarily what I eat because I eat relatively healthy food IMO) in order to lose weight. Like if I don’t count calories it’s easy for me to eat 10,000+ calories in a day without feeling like I ate too much.


So if we just open a tiny black hole in your stomach, and eject some of the contents into me, we’ll be all good… right? … right??


How will he be good with a hole in his stomach? :smile:


I don’t know if it’s BS or a real thing, but there are apparently three basic body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. It has the ring of truth to me, but I haven’t scratched the surface of the topic. I’m an “endomorph” according to their calculator.


I was just wondering whether to post this or not but dropped it.

But after you posted that comment, it piqued my interest and i took that test and found out i was a mesomorph. But i am not sure about one of my answers…the forearm length one and (thereby the result).

I usually gain and lose weight much more easily (lose weight even more easily)…to the point of annoyance. I chalk it up to my high metabolic rate. I feel i am hyper-adrenergic (i am assuming) because i am hot to the touch. People whom i touch say my hands are usually warmer than normal, almost all the time.


Said I was an ectomorph (aka skiinnnyyy).

I have awful circulation, so my hands and especially feet are always cold. Human bodies are weird.


I would hold off adding fiber and protein. Maybe you will need to add some, but wait until you know for sure. I (a fellow ectomorph) find that I don’t need more fiber or protein than already provided.

Have you ever used one of those calorie calculators? I recommend either the Soylent or the Mayo Clinic version. The reason I ask: it is easier to answer how much Soylent to consumer once you have your daily caloric goals.

Without knowing your age or activity level, my guess is you need slightly more that 2000 calories/day. So any combination of Soylent and regular food calories will do. But that also makes you a prime candidate to consume daily one bag of Soylent (2000 calories) and a few snacks as the urge hits you.

My personal regimen (50:50) is half a pitcher of Soylent (1000 calories) and one meal/day. I figure that puts me at about 2000 calories. Once I empty my cupboard and refrigerator of remaining food, I plan on going 90:10.

Also, why do you have such a healthy lunch? You are correct in doing so. But I ask because when I was younger, I couldn’t gain weight no matter how hard I tried. And that’s when I was eating two Big Macs for lunch. But it seems to me that half a chicken breast, half a cup of rice and broccoli would be a good lunch for someone trying to lose weight, not gain weight.


Kindly share when you’ve invented that stomach black-hole-transfer mechanism. I can help solve your problems, too.


Mostly because its the best deal on food in our cafe. The prices are pretty high, but the meal I get specifically is out of the buffet line, but it’s a flatrate deal: chicken and rice combo add vegetables*.
Although I can totally stomach paying a little extra to have real food, paying 7+ dollars for a smallish sandwich or sub is too much for me.
Also the buffet is the easiest way to get vegetables and my roommate apparently hates them with a fiery passion or something so I’m currently pretty much just getting them at lunch so I load up and take a multivitamin xD

*unlimited so long as you dont PO the chefs by taking tonnes of food, but they all seem to not care even if I do probably because they think I need it.

Also, I’m 21 (not sure how I forgot to include that).


You should probably also work out so you can add muscle and not just fat, conventional wisdom plus my experience is that underweight males often need to work out in order to gain weight so that you can put it on as muscle - you can’t just eat more to gain weight like people with “average” metabolisms. I honestly think it would be pretty hard to gain weight on just Soylent and what you are eating for lunch even if you have a full 2000 calories of Soylent per day, if you have a fast metabolism and are male you would need to eat way more calories than the like 2500 or 2600 that that would be to gain weight. If you like peanut butter I would suggest trying to eat a bunch of peanut butter. It might take a while too. When you are underweight and then start to eat a lot more calories than usual, you generally will burn it all off/not digest it for a while until your metabolism/digestion adjusts and starts processing everything correctly, so it could take a while.


I plan on working out more once I get on soylent since my current food schedule working isnt super conducive to working out when I have time (eating at noon or a little earlier and not getting home till 6+ im super hungry and tired, and then wouldnt want to work out at like 9, when I can have a soylent snack/meal at 4 ill be able to work out right when I get home :p)
For someone with little to no experience working out (ive done “conditioning” for sports but neberbhad equipment and it was a lot more endurance based) is there any suggestions for what to do/research for getting a little muscle?

From the advice, I’ll probably go with a full days worth of soylent each day plus lunch once I work up to it.


I go to my girlfriend’s exercise room once a week, and do a HIIT workout that I copied from Doug McGruff’s Body by Science.

I was skeptical about working out only once-a-week, for just 12 minutes. But the results are noticeable. I am stronger than when I started, and I’ve gained a little muscle.

conventional wisdom plus my experience is that underweight males often need to work out in order to gain weight so that you can put it on as muscle - you can't just eat more to gain weight like people with "average" metabolisms.

This has been my experience as well. The more I exercise, the “easier” it is to gain and maintain weight rather than just trying to eat more (which is already a daily struggle in itself).