Advice on using Soylent to lose fat while still able to build muscles?

Looking for advice on using soylent in my daily meal intake to lose excess fat while still being able to build muscle. Not trying to lose fat quickly, just lower my daily calorie intake for a gradual fat reduction.

My plan of attack is a light breakfast, replacing my lunch with a bottle of soylent (and if that’s not filling enough, adding some fruit, etc.), a dinner low on carbs and then an evening workout 3 days a week. The idea is to lower my calorie intake at the time of day it’s least needed. Does this sound like a good starter strategy?


Perfectly decent starting point.

I suggest tracking your calories for the first week or two, if you’ve never done that before… I’ve used FitDay, but there are many sites and apps. For most people who do this, it’s surprising where unexpected calories sneak in, and surprising how some foods/meals aren’t doing the damage we fear.

You don’t have to keep up the tracking forever - it’s about the learning experience. It’s also a decent idea to try tracking your intake while not dieting. It can be surprising how calorie dense certain things are, especially snacks, fancy coffee drinks, etc.

Other note: if you’re trying to reduce calories enough to lose fat, but still gain muscles, be aware you’re trying to push your body in two different directions: gaining and losing. Your body tends to do things as a single system, so it prefers to be gaining, or be losing. Gaining muscle is easiest when eating an excess of calories, losing fat is easiest on a deficiency of calories. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not easy. (It’s easiest if you have a lot of excess fat, and relatively little muscle… if you’re already quite muscular and fairly low in fat, it may, in fact, be impossible.)

If you really want to try to put on muscle while losing fat, I’d advocate skipping the “lower carb” aspect of your evening meal, and instead, focus on “more protein.” The extra protein helps maximize nutrient partitioning - which is a fancy way of saying it favors muscle growth/preservation.

If you’re keeping the calories below maintenance but elevating the protein, you’ll necessarily be decreasing both the carbs and that fat. The science shows us that elevating the protein while dieting is more important than cutting carbs, given your goals.


Just to add a little to this, make the extra protein you add in an evening meal mainly a slowly digested one like casein as opposed to a quickly digested one like whey. That will allow the protein to be available for your muscles as you sleep for hours. You’ll want a little quickly digested protein immediately after the workout, but the majority should be slowly digested.

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The above two posts are great stuff, and I agree.

Here’s my different perspective; the simple way I’ve been doing things for the last few months, and it’s been working quite well. I do weight training 4 days (Mon. thru Thurs.) and on those days I consume 4 bottles of Soylent 2.0, 1 cup of coffee, and nothing else but water. Roughly a 400 kC deficit from my BMR.

The other 3 days (I get 3 day weekends, BTW) I eat whatever, albeit not too much really crazy stuff & with a slant on protein. I mean, I’m talking some fast food, some “normal meat & potatoes” meals, and some simple salads or whatever. Just whatever happens. Oh, and some cardio when the weather’s warmer (long steep hikes & mountain biking; I’m in the rural Rockies), too (but not much of that yet this year). I put on a fair bit of weight after an injury & operations, but since I started doing this in mid-January I’ve lost 30 pounds and am lifting more than I did pre-injury.

And I haven’t backed off the booze one single bit, either. :beer: :+1:



Using Soylent to achieve that would be the same as using anything else really. Soylent is simply an all-in-one nutritional meal that makes things easier.

That being said, everyone is different and thus what works for one person might not work for the next. Regardless, I can offer advice from my own experience.

  • Get your workouts done as soon as possible. Be that before work/school, or as soon as you can afterwards. I tend to get tired and lazy as the day goes on.
  • Get enough rest. Sleep is important, make sure that you get on a regular sleep schedule and that you’re getting 7-8 hours of it each night.
  • Determine what your base metabolism is, and how many calories you’re burning each day. You’ll obviously want to be in a calorie deficit, but you’ll want to aim for a low calorie deficit. If the calorie deficit is too large, you won’t build muscle, and if the calorie deficit is too small / non-existent you won’t lose weight. Personally, I’d say aim for a 100-200 calorie deficit.
  • Drink a lot of water. Drink a nice large glass as soon as you wake up, and continue to drink plenty through the day. Carry a water bottle with you if it makes things easier.
  • Listen to professionals. AthleanX is probably one of (if not “THE”) best fitness professionals on YouTube. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s a big advocate of the build muscle while losing weight plan. Link below…

… oh, and aim for somewhere between “lose weight quickly” and “lose weight steadily” (or below “maintain my weight” if nothing else) on this calculator. It works for all foods, not just soylent.


This has been some great feedback so thank you to everyone who shared. Point taken that Soylent is really just a replacement meal as opposed to some low carb/fat supplement and should be treated as such. The beauty about Soylent is there’s no guess work of the contents/calories so it makes regulating/tracking/adjusting your intake that much easier. I hope to share any results I get!