Affiliate rewards scam?


One of the things I really appreciate about the diy site is that it allows users to link to the product they have chosen and even make use of referral codes in their ingredients links. For users who spend a considerable time coming up with helpful, affordable and accurate recipes, the little gesture of making an affiliate reward is a great bonus for their services of sharing. However, I’ve noticed something odd about links. Any time I make a link and include in it the rcode (referal code) for my specific rewards link, the code is automatically changed on the DIY site to another code completely. Specifically it’s changed to rcode=jbv822t whereas mine is significantly different. Moreover, I’ve noticed this is true of other recipes as well - any time i see a link to an product, the link is referring to “jbv822t”. Whats up with that?!

Here’s an example of what I have found happening:

Original link posted:

after saving gets changed automatically to:

(I purposefully left a blank there to avoid having people click it).

So my questions are: 1. is this a scam - has someone hacked the diy site to cause this to happen? 2. Or, am i simply naive of the way that URL’s are being handled on the site? 3. Who is jbv822t ? 4. Cab anyone else verify this? i’ve noticed many Canadian recipes make use of iherb so that might be a good place to explore. 5. is this happening with other reward based links? Amazon etc?

Sorry for being overly paranoid but this was just an odd discovery and I’d love some clarity on the mystery.


PS. Feel free to use my rewards link! :slight_smile:


@nickp would be the one to ask about this. He maintains the DIY site.


@gasoylent it isn’t a scam - the DIY site does change certain URLs to include a referral code. Feel free to put a link with your own code in the description section. I’ll add an option to disable the URL changing to the feature request list.


Wait, so the DIY site will overwrite a referral code that someone has explicitly put in with one from somewhere else? Silently?



Apparently :frowning:

Not sure how long it takes to implement the request change but in the meantime I suggest checking your links.

The DIY site is a fantastic tool and i do think the programmers deserve reward though maybe in a more open way… and that’s supposing that the “jbv822t” code in this scenario is connected to one of them…



That referral code is the only way that the DIY site is monetized - I’m pretty sure it goes to @nickp. He doesn’t get paid by Rosa Labs or anything like that.


Sounds fair enough to me, although it’s helpful if these things are acknowledged. I figured that the Amazon links in the DIY would automatically include an affiliate code and I figured the benefit was going to capital-S “Soylent” (or Rosa Labs, since as I understand they are hosting the DIY tool); but if the coder is doing the work as a labor of love, and not for pay, then I’m happy to know the default affiliate account may be his. I doubt he’s getting rich off it, but if he does, good on him.

It would be ideal if all affiliate links operated in the same way in the DIY tool (e.g., if recipe authors may put their own Amazon affiliate link in, allow them to do it for iherb and any other vendors too).

I didn’t realize it was possible to include my own affiliate link to an Amazon item before I saw this thread, and if I’m able to achieve my goal of making several appealing complete whole-food daily combos I’ll use that when I list the ingredients in the DIY.


I had people use my code and it actually switched to someone else code,I even called about this years ago plus my rewards is damn near down to nothing,go figure…I’m deleting my account