Affordable blood tests?


So everyone else talks about getting blood tests (for science), but I’m kind of too poor to afford these tests responsibly. Is there any way to get these tests done on a budget?

#2 has a package for $59 that would work.


Are you uninsured? If you have insurance, you should be able to get a PCP to sign off on a fair set of blood tests (CBC, etc) especially as part of a physical.

If not insured, there are a lot of places that sell discounted lab tests (from my experience, “list” prices are about 10x the real price insurance covers, and discount places charge about 20% of list). Someone posted a link to DirectLabs and a coupon which gets CBC and a few other tests for $87 (note – if you click an ad or from other sites, their prices may go up!)

This place seems to offer the same (I think?) for $59:

Make sure they have a local lab before ordering!


@bradleydavis87 that’s right at my upper bound, thanks!

@eviljim, I’ll see if my insurance covers it. The 89 is a bit much for me, but it might be affordable through insurance.


Move to Canada…


Sadly, Soylent isn’t delivered there yet :wink: (at least not without extra fees and wait times).


FWIW… a physical exam (1 per year) is required to be included, with no co-pay or co-insurance, with all insurance plans. The bloodwork, too, I believe. You might have to pay out of pocket for a follow-up test, though.

Good luck!


What blood panels or other tests should you ask your doctor for? Like, what are some of the health markers that soylent is likely to improve?


I swear I saw a cube that could do health tests in your own home on kickstarter or indiegogo, but I don’t recall what is was called. I think the device had a listed price as 130USD, and the tests where virtually free. Eurolyser has one, but it seems to be exclusive to Europe, and doesn’t appear to be the same device. If I do find it again, I will share the link here.


Come on man, think…What’s the last word of the company that owns Soylent?

I bet they offer cheap diags on yer plazma…


That only works if you have a cooperative doctor. The ones I’ve seen won’t let me actually look at the results.



Please do find this… I would use it forever…


Time to find a new doctor. Mine mailed me my last results.


I actually went and did this. Canada is surprisingly bad for just preventive screening. The only tests for vitamins and mineral deficiencies you could get without a referral to a specialist were B12, Ca, and Mg. You had to pay yourself if you wanted vit d and you can’t just order from a blood lab, even if you were paying for the test it had to come from a doctor.


I think I found it looks like it is currently 200 USD. It sounds like it can only do 5 types of tests currently, but because of how its made, it can do additional tests, as they release the cartridges for it. Sounds like cartridges are 20-30 USD per package, based on the test,

It sounds like the ‘sample wands’ lock into the cartridge and both are disposable. It may not be worth it right now, as their blood tests are limited to vitamin D, fertility, and inflammation, but it may be worth keeping an eye on as they develop more cartridges.


Products like this look promising, but at this point that one is not for purchase (only pre-orders). They say they will start shipping in Spring 2015 and will charge your card now. Also, Vitamin D testing is not a problem for me, it’s one of the few that my local Medicentre will authorize.


Several folks are looking for in expensive blood tests. Theranos is partnered with Walgreens in there wellness clinics. The cost of their tests are very reasonable. You most likely will need a doctor order or maybe see the nurse practitioner at the clinic to get the tests. Overall much cheaper than other options.


I’ve heard good things about it, but they’re only in the phoenix area.


They are also in Northern California. I think they may be expanding. There is a place you can put your zip code in to find nearest center. But yes in Arizona Phoenix area.


Unfortunately they’re nowhere near me. :confused: