Affordable Oils?


Does anyone have a good (affordable) source of different types of oils. I’m currently using a combination of olive and grape seed oil. Price wise I have the OO down to $0.10 per tablespoon and the grape seed oil to $0.13 per tablespoon.

I’d like to add flax seed and/or coconut oil at my mix, but the prices seem to be much higher where I can find them.

Any suggestions?


I have been using rice bran oil from amazon.

It is at a pretty good price point, neutral flavor, and can also be used for high-heat cooking applications.


Not that high heat cooking applications really matter for soylent :stuck_out_tongue:

A problem with rice bran oil is the Omega 6 to 3 ration of 15:1.
Not too healthy, only really works when you have a second source of Omega 3 acids. :slight_smile:


Not sure what your definition of affordable is. But I plan on using Udo’s oil or hemp seed oil.