After a 1.5 weeks of Soylent I'm slightly concerned


I have been using Soylent for close to two weeks. Some days I replace two meals and others I have been 100% Soylent. I’ve had a couple of days where I have had 100% regular food due to my schedule. Overall, outside of the texture, I have enjoyed Soylent and found it to be agreeable.

Over the weekend I started having pains in my lower left side. It slowly radiated into my hip area and around my back. My wife finally made me go to the doctor. For the first time in my life I have a bladder infection. The doctor also noted that I had ‘high levels’ of glucose in my urine (I had unintentionally fasted for 12 hours prior to the visit)

I’m fairly healthy (not much exercise though) and rarely go to the doctor, but I’ve never had any indication of high glucose levels in urine or blood draws in the past.

They drew blood to send to the lab to get more detail. I’m now wishing I had done a blood panel before I started Soylent to get a baseline. I’m far less concerned about the bladder infection than I am the glucose. I’m going to stop using Soylent and let things settle back to normal (few weeks) and then get a full blood panel done. Then I’ll give Soylent a try again and see how things change while I’m on Soylent.

I seriously hope the bladder infection and the elevated glucose are not because of Soylent. I was rather enjoying my time on it.


What was your diet like before Soylent? I wonder if the glucose and infection may be thanks to maltodextrin.


Mix of good bad and indifferent. Some days its nibble on junk, other days I make salmon salads, grilled dish, baked chicken. I don’t drink lot of soda. 1-2 cans a week at most, almost always diet if/when I do.

Not the best diet but certainly not the worst.


Hmm, I guess it could be the maltodextrin, possibly. I was thinking of suggesting that you switch back to the old diet until the problems go away again, then buy some maltodextrin and add a serving or two of that to your old diet to see if the problems come back, but that sounds a little cruel and unusual so I don’t think I’d ask you to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

(though if you do, I’d be very curious to see what happens)

Alternatively, at risk of spamming I wonder if you might try another soylent-like formula with less (or no) maltodextrin, to see how it compares. I sell some, including a Soylent imitation with around half as much maltodextrin if you want the same flavor and such, but you could go with anything as long as the sugar and maltodextrin content is sufficiently lower.


I am getting my second blood test tomorrow. After 4 weeks of soylent I also had a lab tests done before starting soylent too. Really interested to see any good/bad changes.


I’d be really interested in your results.

Once I get my results back from this weeks test I’ll provide some data. I recall @rob was posting results. Is he still doing this and does anyone have a link?

I’m bummed to be off Soylent at the moment but safety first…


Does anyone have a link to @rob test results? I’ve been off Soylent for over a week now. I’m planning on waiting at least another week before I schedule a baseline blood panel.

I’ll likely wait until I get the results back before I take another stab at Soylent.


I found this but not sure if this is what you mean:

I found that here: