After one week backer order shipped, when should one month subscription arrive?


1 Week Backer Order: 11/3/13
1 Month Subscription: 5/14/14

1 Week Backer Order Shipped: 9/23/14

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Soylent. Sadly, I opened my last bag today and haven’t received a shipping confirmation e-mail for my 1 Month Subscription. I purchased both using the same e-mail address. I’m trying to plan my meals for next week, and was wondering when I might expect to receive my one month subscription order. No complaints here—I’m quite pleased with Soylent. I just want to have a timeline for planning purposes. Thanks to anyone who can help.


Reorders should go out after two weeks at the latest… so it should ship by Tuesday.

Tagging @JulioMiles, @MattCauble, @Ana to verify it will.

Glad to hear it’s working so well for you.


It looks like Tuesday will come and go without a new round of Soylent (which marks the two week point). Any chance I could get an update on this? @JulioMiles, @MattCauble, @ana


Hi @mdMcAlister, so sorry for the delayed shipment – your subscription has been activated and the first shipment will go out tomorrow (FedEx Overnight). You’ll receive a tracking email once it leaves the warehouse. Thanks for your support & patience!


Thank you! I appreciate your help.