After one week of my own soylent


Hello, my name is David.
I happened upon Robs blog post back in late February some how (I think reddit) and have been intrigued by the notion of not having to worry about food any more ever since.
Having followed the blog for 2 months, I was ecstatic by the arrival of a kickstarter. To my dismay did I find it was US only. Against Rob’s recommendations to try to do it your self, I started to construct a recipe. After reading into the high toxicity of some the compound i’d be ingesting, I didn’t want to end this experiment before it started and op’ed for the safer One-in-all micro nutrient supplement, to get me started.

I have been on my own (poorly constructed) soylent for the past seven days.
[My soylent recipe][1]

I mix a single days worth in a container and use a magic bullet to split it into 4 for the day

After seven days of pure soylent, I noticed little change.
My bowl movements are pretty much the same(if not a lot more consistent now)
I’m never hungry, nor am I ever full.
I ran two 3-4 mile full sprints with a 2 day rest in between each run and was only mildly tired after each run, which is standard.
I can still do the same amount of pushups/squats/situps I normally can do.
My urine is a more vibrant yellow then before.
I sub’ed the Oat for pure Malto fora day once, It was a sugar rush, followed by a medium crash.
I like the taste of it, and have yet to tire of it; mind you, I like taste of the pure malto blend more.
I plan on getting blood work done soon(sometime this next week)

And that is my experience so far.
If any one can point out a reason to discontinue this experiment, please tell me, otherwise I think I might go for a month trial next.


So, nothing changed?


Other then the fact I no longer eat food… no.
I live fairly healthy for a 27 year old. I do not smoke or drink; before soylent I mostly ate healthy food and I enjoy exercise.

Soylent is just a cheaper, easier, faster, and much more convenient way to fuel my body.


This is actually what I was expecting would be the case for people who are already eating relatively healthy before trying soylent. Great work! Keep us updated!


very nice spreadsheet. looks like you’ve done your homework. how did you decide on how much CoQ10, Choline, Inositol, and Boron to use?


Canada has a RDA for choline of 550mg and a tolerable upper intake level 3500mg.
Most serving sizes for packaged lecithin granules was 10g, and 500% choline seemed like too much. I have no idea of how much Inositol I should take, so I left it at the amount I get from the granules. Canada’s dietary reference intakes only has a UL of 20mg for boron; I do not know how much I should take. The consensus for CoQ10 seems to be a min of 90mg, a high of 400mg and an safe upper limit of 1200mg.

If this next month goes well, I might start looking into buying individual micro nutrients.
My fear of mineral overdosing will alleviate with more time with soylent and more knowledge of the subject matter.


I have the same experiences. I doubt my previous diet was just as good though… wouldn’t be anywhere near it.

Only thing I need to adjust in my recipe is that I’m 500mg down in phosphorus and I dont have any probiotics or any “brain enhancers”.


this is what I use for prebiotics and fiber too: lepicol
search it on amazon it works for me :slight_smile:


What definitely did change, despite the fact that you were previously on a healthy diet (a debatable point everywhere you go, mind you) is that now you know exactly what you are putting into your body every single time.

In truth one of the allures of Soylent to me is that I never have to think to myself, “is this bad for me? Does this give me enough of what I need?”, and then subsequently and lazily think “oh well”.

Our bodies are hungry, so they tell us so. We consume food, we no longer feel hungry. For thousands of years, that’s what it has been, regardless of whether or not we have actually been getting ‘what we need’. Are you hungry? Yes. Eat food. Hungry anymore? No. Okay.

Great work so far, your spreadsheet seems pretty solid, with one or two minor tweaks (but this can be ignored since I’m a perfectionist). :slight_smile:


A few things you might want to look into,

I would go with sodium chloride with no additives like no iodine ect, some companies that have heavily processed salt with iodine tend to contain other unnecessary additives

I would be cautious about the Lecithin granules due to them usually being a product of soy, there are some brands that are not extracted from soy.

Finally you may be adding close to 100 calories with the husks

Edit: new link
Better link about the husks


There is speculation in research and also on this board that the calories in psyllium husks are not absorbed. I found out about this from @CuriousBen from his post here.


hmh, the husks from bulk barn say they also contain a small amount of protein, the ones on self say they contain more carbs by weight then fiber.

I was hard pressed to find the reference material from wiki or or any referenced information about husks and the section that is directly about fiber calories doesn’t seem to have any references…


Two weeks of pure soylent.

I made some minor changes to my recipe. I am now using a 1:1 ratio of maltodextrin and oat flour. I also added more whey to get a 20:20:60 macro balance; As well as replaced half of the extra virgin olive oil with grape seed oil.

On Monday I went to my doctor to talk about soylent and ask for a metabolic blood test. He was ether not very interested or very busy, since he gave me a full blood work requisition and sent me on my way. I’ll get the results in a week.

I donate blood on a regular basis; I went in on Wednesday as per my usual routine. Pre donation my iron level was “optimal” and heart rate “athletic”. Post donation, I ate a cookie, drank some water, and felt perfectly fine.

I am still running 3-4 miles 3-5 times a week. No noticeable change there.

I still enjoy soylent, although; I have tried experimenting with cocoa and vanilla. I find the extra taste is not worth the effort or money.

I went to my niece’s 8th birthday party at red robins today. After 55 soylent meals, that burger was amazing. The whole event was a nice change of pace.

My whole family has now expressed concern that I might just drop dead from not eating “real food”. Even after explaining the science and other people’s results along with all the precautions I am taking, they still think it is a horrible idea and need to stop immediately. Mind you, my parents are cooks by trade and enjoy the art of food rather than its practicality.

I want to order some of robs soylent now that it is available in Canada, but I don’t want to wait until December. So I’ll wait and just adjust my recipe when he releases his.


You had Soylent with what?


I believe he meant either coca-cola or cocoa…? or maybe no? haha :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way I happened to try soylent with alcohol…I survived, and in fact the hangover was less than expected :smiley:


Must be the vitamin B.


Sorry about the confusion; that was meant to be cocoa.


Three weeks of 95ish percent soylent.

I have not made any changes to the recipe this week; I have messed around with the way I prepare it though. Cold soylent tastes better then room temperature soylent; Hot soylent was a horrible idea. I find if I let water soak into the powder for more then 10 minutes, then blend, it will have multiple benefits. It wont have any grity taste to it. The soaked/blended psyllium husk makes the soylent much more viscous, preventing the heavier ingredients sinking to the bottom. It even seems to taste better.

Soaking then using a shaker cup does not have the same effect as blending. The psyllium husk turns into a gross chunky gel and makes the soylent almost undrinkable.

I have lost 5lb since I started on the first. My veins show a little more, along with my abdominals.
I might need too increase my caloric intake next mouth to compensate for all the summertime fun/exercise I am doing.

My next order of ingredients will also have nootropic’s.
Still not 100% comfortable messing with the individual micronutrient, maybe next month.

I get my blood work back next week, I’m hopeful about that.

Yesterday I ran an experiment where I ate the most unhealthy food I could for the whole day. Pizza, hotdogs, doughnuts, bag of chips, marshmallows and an Iced cap. I felt fine throughout the day, but I crashed really hard later in the evening. Today I feel drained; not tired, just my body feels not up-to par with how it normally feels.

I now find my self reluctant to tell people about soylent, or that I even use it. My friend and family are still very concerned about how this will be the death of me, some going as far as making falsities about my appearance, my mental health and my general health. I know for fact that what they say is untrue because I have placed unbiased contingencies and safeguards to help measure my mental and physical health. I guess it is too much of an foreign idea to be readily accepted.


Step aside from the path taken by the herd and you quickly discover how much of what you assumed was yours is assumed to be common property by them! It’s just part of the price you pay for thinking and acting on your own behalf as a sovereign individual.


haha, oh really? may I ask how long it took to run 3 miles at a “full sprint”?