After Quitting (involuntarily) DIY Soylent reactions


I have now for close to a month stopped using my DIY Soylent after eating it exclusively in a month.because of lack of some ingredients. I started to eat my normal diet i have done in 20 years. And i noticed after some time, the food was great but dit not look forward to the lunches. like you eat tasty food but you don’t feel satisfied like the food is a bigger hassel . I feel a need for silent and am looking forward to the day that i can eat it again.

i can actually feel that i am not geting all my nutritions in some ways. i feel alert but still not.

and the time to eat food feals like a hassle and taking ages to finish one plate.

and i don’t eat as much as before. probably because of the low volume of Soylent

is there somebody els with a different experience?


I also have generally slightly negative experiences when I go off of it. But I actually always feel more hungry on those days. I have to eat much more food and go past my calorie target in order to not feel hungry. It sounds like you’re experiencing the opposite?

Soylent, my recipe at least, keeps me feeling rather full relative to the solid food available to me. It might also just be me.


I took a break from my DIY because I was working and staying at a catered event, (free food seemed stupid to turn it down). I found I went from always having constant energy and not feeling hungry to massive ups and downs between meals, also the amount if sugar seemed overwhelming. I was previously thinking my 15 g of brown sugar excessive per day (it probably is) so when I went back to the normal food it seemed even more excessive.

I find DIY days are more constant energy wise, and I am less likely to dehydrate myself, which I suspect is the biggest factor in switching fuel modes.


This makes me so jealous, let’s hope something reasonable happens in the next 2 years or some other company in Europe will make their own affordable Soylent instead of this one for rich single hipsters.


its’ as everything. it will always start out expensive for the minority to drag into the majority of peoples life.


I eat a lot of pasta in my normal day. i did not before or after eat candy and cakes unless for some rare occasions.
and do fel tired.

My Soylent contains 3000kcal. that is actually alitle bit harder to go past when you have lived 1kg powder over a month. each of my meals consisted of 300g Soylent and then water and oils. 4 times a day.


Well Im not rich, single or a hipster but I do look forward to the time and money soylent is going to save me. Food prices in Canada are insane, so is everything else, I pay over $100 a month just to have running water.


Guilty of being single and a bit hipstery, but I’m definitely not rich. Are the powders required for DIY soylent not available in Europe? I find that hard to believe. I was able to get a batch of materials for right around $150 (shipping included), and I’ve made over a week’s worth of meals out of it. I still have loads of materials too, so I’ll be closely counting how much it ends up costing per meal.


the powders are available in europe, In scandinavia(most taxed nations in europe) the resources are available and is able to do a DIY recipe a lot cheaper then the Official soy lent. 2$ to 4$ a day to containing 1800 to 3000kcal and compleat nutritions.

you can probably go a little bit lower under the 2$ mark

it’s more of laciness and comfort.