Afternoon crash feeling and Soylent


I’ve been reading along the different threads and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Soylent helping to prevent the dreaded afternoon crash. I usually get between 4-6 hours of sleep each night and during the day I feel great and have the clarity I need to get things done, but as soon as 5pm hits it’s like I can barely function. I’ve found that taking even a short 30 minute nap during the 5pm-9pm time block helps me get back to normal, but if I try to fight it I always end up just shambling around like a zombie until it gets later in the night.

Would love to hear from anyone experiencing the same thing or no longer getting that feeling after switching to Soylent.


Are you only sleeping 4-6 hours intentionally? you look young, like myself…

Honestly doubt that soylent will help against being tired from lack of enough sleep… Coffee might help… but honestly sleep is important… I seen before that someone was sleeping 4 hours at night, then took short powernaps all throughout the day to get more time in a day… he said after some time it felt alright… and he could function okay, but he never felt truely awake like he did before doing it like that.


Intentionally, yea. I just turned 24, so I’ve had some time to try a few different sleep schedules, and I’ve always felt most productive sleeping 2am-8pm with a second period between 6pm-9pm in the evening.

For awhile I wondered why I feel just as rested during the day whether it was 2, 4, 8, or 10 hours of sleep, but I read somewhere that the body wants to be alert during the normal day’s rhythm regardless.

What’s strange is that even if I get 8-10 hours for a few weeks straight, that 5pm wall still hits me, and I wonder if it’s just a lack of energy / nutrients that does it.


Well, I would have put my bets on the lack of sleep, but sure, it could be lack of energy from not enough calories. You can feel 100% fine during the entire day without having gotten all the nutrients you need… but you will crash when you run out of “carbs”


I was getting pretty heavy afternoon crashes with my prior diet, once I started rolling my own soylent the crashes stopped, and now my energy is steady throughout the day.

As to sleep, I have known for years that my body prefers an odd number of hours. I’m good with 3, 5, 7, or 9 for example, but if I get 2, 4, 6, and sometimes even 8, I don’t feel right. Anything less than three doesn’t really work either.


Careful, you might bring the DEA down on us! They’ll take away our white (malto) powder!

Also; inhaled soylent? aerosolized nutrients? hmmmn… Most certainly would give you lung cancer, but at least you’d be healthy otherwise!


I imagine our little community will increase the amount of suspicious unmarked powders and liquids crossing state lines. That’s one reason I expect Soylent will be easier to travel with…

Aerosolized soylent, a quick puff and your good to go, I like it! Brings new meaning to getting baked soylent :slight_smile:

Hang on, someone’s pounding on the door and shouting… brb…


Back from the dead…

Today, I only finished two of normally the shaker bottles of Soylent + protein + fiber before leaving work. I had maybe 1/2 of number three while driving home. I ended up sleeping for four hours. I normally stay awake until bedtime, which is about 5.5 hours after getting home.

It seems like my body is really sensitive to not getting calories while on a mostly Soylent diet and turns on the anti-food coma really quickly