Air travel: soylent 2.0 box in checked baggage?

has anyone travelled with an unopened soylent 2.0 box in checked baggage?
any troubles with inspections?
the box has already traveled by air, but it was protected by an outer box.
would the inner 12-pack box be sturdy enough for this?

As long as the total weight of your bag does not exceed 50lbs. (Overweight penalty). I brought a few bottles in a checked bag. I wrapped them in T-shirts between the other clothes. They survived just fine.

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I traveled with several bags of Soylent checked and a shaker bottle. Included a note identifying the Soylent as a “meal replacement shake”. No issues.

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Necro’ing this thread a bit but it’s pertinent to me at this moment so…

I’m about to travel by plane, will be gone for 5 days so I want to bring quite a bit of Soylent with me. Specifically a combination of mostly 2.0, but also some Coffiest and Cacao. I also wanted to bring some of it frozen (so that it will be thawing during the travel and be nice & cold when I arrive at my destination). TSA concerns about frozen items seems to be leakage of liquid, but I’m not at all worried about that happening at least.

I plan to bring it in checked baggage but with how stupid TSA can be and how utterly overly controlling the current regulations are… I’m more than a little concerned. If I were to discover that the airline had for example confiscated/destroyed all the Soylent in my bags, I would be really REALLY screwed on my trip (I don’t function optimally at all when I skip Soylent after 3 years of it).

I found quite a few mentions of people bringing 2.0 in checked baggage on reddit, but not much on this forum. General consensus seems to be that it’s a non issue but still I’m super paranoid. If anyone here has done this more recently, especially with a moderately large quantity (at least a couple boxes worth), I’d really like to hear how it went. Thanks!

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Make sure you wrap them in bags if you don’t want the rest of your luggage ruined in case they explode. On long trips they can actually freeze due to the temperature in the cargo area, and the low pressure can cause them to start leaking.

I travel with them all the time for small press events. Big piece of advice is just cushion them. New bottles avoid a lot of damage but until they are out on everything, use caution.

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Hmmm interesting. Given that I was planning to bring some that have been frozen anyway, just so they will be nice & cold once I get to my hotel… do you still think there could be an issue there? This is a short flight, only about 2 hours, so I’m inclined to think there wouldn’t be much of a problem. Your thoughts?

OK, I was thinking of either packing them amongst extra clothing, or just using air pillows since I get so many of those from Amazon. I’m planning to bring 4 boxes worth total so they’re actually getting two bags of their own.


I think it really depends on altitude. When I fly internationally, they always cruise at over 30,000 feet. At those altitudes the outside temperature can be -30 F, so I think the cargo area of the plane can easily get sub freezing temperatures. Things like shampoo’s etc you need to be a little bit careful about.

Also, with the low pressure of the cargo area, things can pop. Things like soda cans can hold, but sometimes they let go.

It is totally up to you. If you value what is in your bag, you will put liquids in a bag just in case!

Last year I brought a couple of boxes of 2.0 with me on an airplane trip with no difficulty.

I’m flying to Europe next month, and plan to do the same, hoping there’s no trouble. Will bear FrankyCrankyMan’s remarks in mind.

Great to hear. I do plan to take the bottles out of the box as they pack more efficiently that way, but they fit 3 to a Ziploc bag. Hopefully if TSA chooses to rummage through my bags, they don’t decide something stupid like I must be planning to illegally resell them or some similar idiocy just because there’s so many of them!

Traveling to San Diego in August, have to bring powder…not a temperature or pressure issue but powder bags looks like drugs on a baggage xray…or maybe I am just being stupid

There have been many stories of people bringing powder on planes without any issue, even DIY in generic ziploc bags. Maybe include a note explaining what it is if that’s your concern? But if it’s packaged Soylent in their commercial pouches, I wouldn’t be overly concerned. I brought a week’s worth of 1.0 powder with me on a plane to Florida from California just a month or two after Soylent’s release, and I had no issues at all with it. Nobody even asked about it or anything.

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Two Christmases ago I had them run a machine sniff on a cannister of Walgreens branded psyllium fiber in my carry-on. Didn’t take very long though.

So just a quick update… No issues whatsoever with traveling with four boxes worth of soylent packed three to a Ziploc bag in our luggage. Totally smooth sailing and it was so great to have frozen a few of them ahead of time, as they were super chilly cold and perfect when we landed.

I do have to say, soylent is missing a massive opportunity by not being for sale in airports. I bet it would sell like mad to air travelers who can’t find anything convenient that isn’t also stupidly expensive and frankly very bad for them. I’m sure nobody would even blink at five dollars per bottle.

Of course I’m still bringing my own… :wink:


There is a 7-eleven now in the A terminal at DFW so following the LA roll out --time will tell :kissing_heart:


Make sure that there is a clear label of “COCAINE” on the ziploc baggie. This will help you move through security more quickly.


Priceless :grinning:

I cannot just make a post that says ‘Priceless’ because it has to be 20 characters…so now you get this bonus sentence

This might also be a good marketing idea for RL. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting people to try Soylent. Maybe if I just start telling them it is cocaine? Brilliant!

Not sure if snorting Soylent will give you the 20% nutrition you are looking for :slight_smile:

Hey, did you have any trouble? I am flying to Europe in two weeks and I want to bring Soylent 2.0 in my checked luggage. I am really hoping this won’t be a problem, as I didn’t have any problem when I flew domestically with a suitcase full of soylent 2.0. :slight_smile:

-Rainbow Brite