Alcohol and Soylent?


Hi, all. I’m a new Soylent user who is trying to figure out if mixing my own is going to work for me. I have a recipe in mind, which I’ll post below, but I’m in college and I drink most weekends at some point or another – not enough to be dangerous but enough to impact a diet. The point of soylent, as I understand it, is that it has exactly enough of each nutrient to be all your body needs, and I assume that drinking will take a lot of that away from me. Is there any advice you can give about how to adjust the recipe accordingly, aside from the usual increase in water consumption that I already have down pat? What resources does the body use to deal with alcohol aside from H2O that I might mix into a specialized “weekend batch” if I were to create one? Thank you in advance and thank you again for the support the community has already given me. This board is an invaluable resource!


120 g oat flour
85 g soy protein from Trader Joe’s, unflavored
85 g olive oil
75 g brown sugar
25 g ground flax
20 g cocoa powder
15 g lecithin
up to 10 g potassium citrate or 20 g potassium gluconate
2 g iodized salt
1 g Emergen-C
1 Vitamin D supplement


This is a really good question! And one that I haven’t seen really discussed before. I remember Rob said at one point in his blogs that Soylent is fantastic for hangovers, but other than that, there hasn’t been any analysis on it.

Just to clarify, are you looking to adjust your recipe down to accommodate for the increased intake in calories and whatnot, or up to help with processing the alcohol and any nutrients or whatnot that would be lost in the consumption?


I’m hoping to adjust up to adjust for the processing of the liquor that I usually prefer to carb / calorie heavy beers. I think for beer it’d be pretty easy to just cut the oat flour out for that batch, but to adjust up is a little tougher since I don’t really know what’s being lost…