Algal flour could be the future of flour


What if rob invests in one of the algal flour companies and encourage research into improving the flour?. It could help for soylent bars as solid soylent will IMO take over the world. It could be the iphone of food.


I just read on another thread here, that there are many nutritional bars brands but for ready to drink meals there are fewer. But i doubt those bars offer complete nutrition. A complete nutrition bar could shake up that market. Plus nailing down solid soylent could help in creating not just bars but cakes, cookies, pies etc. People might start eating cakes for breakfast.

Edit, soylent cereal could be possible too XD.


Not sure if you’re trolling, so I’ll take you seriously…Soylent did use algal ingredients before, but some people got very sick from it, so they stopped. Their complete nutrition bar was dropped after this. There are other complete nutrition bars out there (food squares I think was one?), although right, most bars are not.

Putting together an algal nutrition business sounds like a lot of work. I think Rob and the other Rosa people are pretty busy with their own business already. Maybe you should step in and do it?


I know. That is why i said ''What if rob invests in one of the algal flour companies and encourage research into improving the flour?. ‘’

I didnt mean an algal nutrition business. I meant solid soylent business. Maybe i chose the wrong title for this post. And I would do it if i could do it. No? Anyways…i will think about it.


Nah I think hemp is the future


Do you want algal flour or hemp flour?


I thought cricket protein was the future:


Foods like solid soylent could be the future of food IMO. If soylent uses algal flour wont algal flour possibly be the future of flour? Algal flour could also be used by other companies to mix with other flours to fortify the foods.

Notice i said ‘could’ in the title.

And algal flour is not ‘insect’ flour. Yeast is already used in cheese and bread making. Bacteria exist in dairy and yogurt.

Edit: And algae is not even bacteria/bacterium.


I’m looking forward to the all-insect and algae version of Soylent!