Algal Protein in the Paste Prototype 0.10


From here:

There’s a link to here:

Under the “PROTOTYPE: 0.01” section it says

Complete Nutrition 90% Algae-Derived Paste

At the bottom of that page is a link to the nutrition facts:

“Whole Algal Protein” is listed as the first ingredient. Will 1.6 have algal protien too? That would explain why it’s taking so long for them to release it.


Looks more like an accidentally leaked solid Soylent prototype nutrition label.


Interesting, all algae protein, thanks for sharing!


Wow, whole algal protein, high oleic algal oil, and omega-3 algal oil. Sounds like progress!



Hate to burst bubbles…This is a radical prototype guys. We actually make a lot of these in a wide variety of form factors. Many will never see the light of day. But as we have stated before we are looking towards algae with an eye on even greater sustainability.


I entirely called it on the paste back on January 3rd:


Sure, you entirely called it, if we can assume that everyone experiences things exactly like you do.


Are the kids wearing adorable business attire?

I’ll allow it.


Those are some pretty harsh words. How do you know they are wasting time on radical prototypes and not focusing on short term practicalities? Both can be done. They most likely have more than one R&D person. And ofcourse Rob.


It doesn’t matter. People will complain either way. If Rosa Labs would have skipped the powder and went straight to the drink would that have been better? That would have added 1+ years but been a great first product. Some will say yes, some will say no.


Interesting trend if this is indicative of future products…

Scaled to a 500kcal “serving”:

23g fat
20g protein

26g fat
25g protein

Paste 0.1
33g fat
26g protein


I’ll try and see if the product dev team with make me a patch to take pictures of.


We have a few food scientists on staff along with some researchers. Basically creating a prototype is a straight forward process. What is time consuming is refining it to what you want to sell to the public. We take our work very seriously, so any product you taste has gone through many iterations. Even in the beta program. What they taste has been made and remade week over week testing for a wide variety of things.


“The resulting flavor is abstract, and floral with caramel nuances and is a refreshing counterpoint to the algae ingredients’ umami flavor profile.”

Is anyone else salivating? That sounds satisfying AF.

Rosa Labs is testing a prototype Soylent paste

Don’t worry the flavor is also “abstract”
~stares artistically into distance~


110% they need Reggie on staff pronto.

“I’m about kickin’ ass, I’m about takin’ names, and WE’RE about making nutritionally complete substances that can theoretically sustain human life just as well as a healthy diet, though total food replacement is not their intended use.”

Maybe he’d need a better pitch.


Not if it’s a stout.


Uhhmmm… thanks??? :confused:

I feel special now.