AlisonG Soylent 1.0 Experience


So I got a week from a generous forum member ( @macamatic ) as my order has not shipped yet and wanted to share my thoughts over the next few days.

Initial Batch making - I don’t have a pitcher or scoop, so I measured 2 Liters of water in a pitcher and marked a line. Not the most accurate, but its what I did. Next I put about an inch of lukewarm water in the pitcher, mixed in 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and poured the whole bag in. I used a whisk to mix it up and then added the additional water. I let it soak about 12 hours overnight. Next morning I added the oil and whisked it together and poured about a liter of it in my eco vessel.

Initial Taste - Holy batman that is SWEET and vanilla-ie. I am usually pretty offended by sucraolse, but I did not get any aftertaste from it, but the vanilla taste is almost too much at first. I tried some more and the vanilla kinda evened out, but still hit me pretty bad on the sweet scale. The grit wasn’t bad at all and didn’t bother me. The batter taste that others described matched with what I thought as well. I typically enjoy bitter things, so I would probably enjoy it with much less flavor, but I definitely don’t see this as flavor neutral.

Doctored Taste - I have a lot of ceylon cinnamon on hand that I bought a month ago just for this event (and baking…), so I mixed quarter of a teaspoon in my bottle and shook it up. The taste MUCH improved and seemed more balanced. I added another quarter teaspoon and it had a tiny bit of a cinnamon taste, which I am perfectly ok with. I also figure this will help keep my blood sugar from spiking as much.

I will post again later on feelings and side effects.


I mix about 2 Tbsp. of dark cocoa powder into each days batch. I’ve found it tastes great and also takes the sweet edge away.

Cloying sweetness of the sucralose

I will have to try that. I got some on hand even as I was making frosting for a cake the other day.


Glad to hear you got your hands on some and are starting to experiment with flavors. Enjoy!


So I added half a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to my 1L bottle and that has made it a lot more drinkable to me. I was starting to struggle getting it down and I don’t want my body to immediately have a negative response to the taste and then expect it that way.


Yeah the vanillin really does prevent Soylent from being flavor neutral… I don’t normally eat stuff with vanilla flavor, and perhaps this is one of the reasons I thought the vanilla flavor was very very noticeable. I am able to drink Soylent just fine, even without adding flavors to it, but when I don’t add anything I can taste the vanilla most of the day because of my GERD symptoms.

I would say that a vanilla ice cream has less vanilla taste than Soylent does :smiley: so I hope in the future that perhaps they could use slightly less vanillin, perhaps just 1gram?


The good thing about vanilla flavour is that it’s easily thrown into the background. You could just open bags for on the go and mix in your cocoa powder or do it when you prepare.
At least it’s something we can work with. Unlike some other issues… :wink:


I’ve been on DIY for over four months now. At the beginning I was trying a bunch of different things. I started with some chocolate whey protein from Costco and that was pretty good. Next I got unflavored whey protein. The first time I tried it I didn’t think I could handle it. I put cocoa powder in for a couple days and then notice I didn’t need it anymore. I made a couple more changes and had more or less the same response of having trouble with the new taste. In each case, it only took about 24 hours before it tasted fine to me. I was wondering if other people had that happen to them as well. Maybe it would take a couple days or a week? I think once your body figures out it is getting the good stuff your taste might just adjust by itself.


So far I am still mixing in unsweetened cocoa powder and cinnamon. I am at risk for diabetes and I read a few people may have had issues with their GI rising too fast, so as a precaution (and because its tasty) I use cinnamon to help with that. I didn’t get to have Soylent much the last few days as I was on vacation, but boy does it taste awesome on the second day. I mixed up a new batch yesterday, adding the cocoa and cinnamon from the beginning. Today’s mix tasted a lot better and I have been sipping it all day. I haven’t had any issues with my stomach and my energy has been consistent the entire day instead of crashing around 3-4pm. Hardest part has been figuring out how to keep satiated, but I take a few sips and I feel fine for a couple hours and it starts to creep back. I am probably drinking too little Soylent! I will have more to report tomorrow. So far the only downside is I only have a week supply and wont be able to get any more until Soylent ships my 3 week order, but I am definitely going to keep it.


Yeah, my experience has also been that day2 is kinda the “sweet spot” (no pun intended!) for Soylent as far as taste & texture go. I think we’ve only ever had Soylent last until day 3 maybe once, but day 2 is excellent.

The cinnamon sounds like an interesting additive… I might have to try that.