Alive! Pea Shake for Micronutrients


Has anyone tried this product for their soylent recipes? If my math is right it gives you 100%+ of the majority of your nutrients, the rest of which you can get from potassium chloride, a choline pill, and a calcium pill. Plus it looks like it has lots of “green foods,” digestive enzymes, flavanoids, etc, which is one of the things I was concerned about not having as part of a soylent diet. Thoughts anyone?


A lot of vitamin A :wink: (over the upper limit afaik, might be different as it isn’t from animal source, but I would investigate this before considering it!) - you would need magnesium pill too. Iron as well as you are female.

In researching alternatives to whey protein I heard things about pea protein, terrible terrible things (taste wise). As far as I know pea alone doesn’t contain a full amino acid profile either, so you would ideally want to add some whey protein too.


Hmm, that’s true, I hadn’t realized. Perhaps I’m overly concerned about the green foods and enzymes and things.


I’ve tried both the pea protein and the alive liquid multi vitamin. The pea protein tastes much worse (and the liquid multi doesn’t taste all that good). I stopped taking it because of the high vitamin A, though only 10k is from beta carotene, which from what I’ve read is the real danger as it relates to approaching the FDA upper limit.

It has 18 amino acids, just like whey, though it doesn’t list the amounts, so I’m unsure how much it provides. I used it in addition to my whey, but I am taking a ton of protein as I lift weights. I switched to the liquid alive which still has many of the green food boosters you are looking for.

The worst part about the pea protein is the taste though, by far.


Hmm, sounds like a bad option then, thanks for the feedback.