Aljazeera Article: @Rob Pouring Soylent w/ no Gloves


I think the main pic for this article is concerning. OBVIOUSLY, rob is not portioning soylent, let alone with his bare hands.

the caption reads: “Soylent CEO Rob Rhinehart pours maltodextrin into a bag at a warehouse in Oakland, California, where he runs his business, in September 2013.”

I just think that Soylent cant afford to be seen as an unhygienic operation, especially given the vice reporting before the warehouse moved.


Oh for goodness sake. Anyone who believes Rob is actually packaging Soylent without gloves. Or anyone packaging Soylent by hand at all. Probably arent smart enough to be able to afford to buy soylent in the first place.


This is why people need to stop watching their ‘reality’ tv shows and start watching things on channels like, History, Discovery, Science, etc.


Those are pretty “reality-based” now as well. Just as bad, if not worse than, others like hell’s kitchen.


Are you telling me Pawn Stars isn’t a 100% accurate portrayal of the pawn broker buisness?


I was thinking more about the “how it works” and “modern marvels” series. Nat Geo (I think) has the new one, think its a remake of Cosmos.


I love how its made. I watch that all the time.


Would anyone here sit through a week of Honey Boo Boo if they went on Soylent for a week?


No no no no no no no no no

Did I meet the letter requirement?


Yeah and I bet he did that right after using the restroom without washing his hands. </sarcasm>

But seriously, image is everything. More important than what you say is how you say it (reference: any successful politician in the history of the world).


What I find more interesting, looking at the comments to this article and the other articles I’ve been reading this past week, are the EXTREME viewpoints that people have. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of indifferent people.

I also find the levels of chemophobia and scientific illiteracy kind of humorous.

The extreme reactions are good. It gets people talking about it, and the more the hysterical crowd yells, the more people who might be interested will hear about it and want to order some.


Somewhere I posted a link to the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide, which is always a fun thing to send to chemophobes. If I recall it was almost banned in a country.


People who are indifferent about something see no reason to post a comment about it.