Alkaline soylent for gastritis - please help me

I’m suffering from gastritis and my doctor told me to “stay away from acid forming foods” because I need to limit the production of stomach acid when I eat so my stomach can heal (in addition to taking proton pump inhibitors which I’ve been prescribed), and there seems to be a lot of misinformation online about what foods are alkaline/acidic and whether certain foods even actually cause more acid production or not, it’s like every website has their own idea of what is acid forming and what’s not i.e. some say soy protein is alkaline others say acidic, some say wheat is acidic others alkaline etc, so I’m turning to the Soylent community for help, because I feel like I can trust you people more since you rely on the actual facts of nutrition, and it seems like a lot of these websites, especially the alternative diet evangelists who are really into alkaline foods for some reason are pushing a lot of nonsense online and trying to tie it all in with “having less acid in the body” which sounds like complete bs to me.

I just want to consume the most bland, easily digestible, least acid producing food analog possible so I can get better. I guess millet flour is supposed to be “alkaline and very easily digestible” according to Bob’s Red Mill so I think I’m going to use that as a source of carbs. Can anyone recommend a type of protein that will not “produce a lot of stomach acid”? I don’t know whether soy, whey or hemp protein would be better for this purpose, or something else. I really don’t know what to believe. I guess I’ll go with canola oil for fat and figure out the micros based around the above. Ugh I just want to get better this is really terrible. If you can ever avoid it, don’t ever, ever get gastritis.

Thank you for reading

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From what I heard… it’s bullshit that some foods increase or decrease the pH in your body / blood… it really comes down to a few things though in regards your health in the stomach… like salt, too much salt is bad… acidic drinks like cola or cider, coffee… the fact is that all foods are kinda acid forming as your proton pumps activate pump out more HCl when you eat, your pH will vary from 1-5 almost depending on if you just ate something or nothing at all. But it really has nothing to do with the rest of the body if that makes any sense…

In short, search of “Alkaline diet is” “bullshit, a hoax” or any of the above and I am sure you will find plenty of reliable sources telling you why it’s a bunch of nonsense.

(I am not a doctor, but theres plenty of doctors out there who believe in plenty of alternative stuff that is bs.)

On another note, I am sure someone else will reply with something that makes more sense soon :smiley: and may even correct what I just said.

The acid response of the stomach does differ with types of food taken.
What exactly causes what is still up for debate.

Here is my first attempt at making a gastrointestinal friendly version of soylent, this is intended to address all issues from stomach to lower intestines.

You can find the recipe here:

it is probably too difficult to actually make, but i have selected all the macro and micro nutrients based on studies on what causes stomach/guts to get upset.

:smiley: almost impossible to make yes, and some of your numbers might even be wrong? 0.07pil? :slight_smile: bunch of things with 0.001grams?, lots of good values close to 100% and then one error making it 5000%+ for b12? and then on the expensive side.

But besides that, IBS soylent sounds interresting :wink: you just need to simplify that recipe a bit more heh

Well, that’s the problem when you’re measuring things in g, with a sensitivity in mg, but an RDI in ug.

Yeah all the values should be correct, for those tiny amounts i need to find multi mixes that contain all the right ingredients and/or versions with filler so its easier to get the right values.

Hey, did you get better on Soylent?