(ALL CLAIMED) Selling 10 weeks of official Soylent


PLEASE NOTE: I have received enough requests that I am ready to call all 10 weeks claimed. Apologies to anyone who wasn’t here fast enough - peoeple really jumped on this. Thanks for the support!

I backed the original campaign for three months because I figured that if I decided to stick to Soylent, I’d want a lot of it on hand. Unfortunately, after trying it for a week’s worth I found I much prefer solid food, especially since my employer provides free lunch and I often eat socially.

I’ve sold a second week already, but I still have 10 weeks left and am looking to sell them for $60 per week. This is basically at cost for me and way cheaper than any other resale price I’ve seen. I want to let as many people try it as possible, so I’m setting a limit of two weeks per person.

I am willing to ship internationally assuming that’s not a gigantic multi-hour headache. If you live in or are willing to come to the South Florida area, you can pick it up. I live and work in Boca Raton, but make frequent trips to Plantation, Davie, and Sunrise.

I still have the starter kit pitcher for anyone local (don’t particularly feel like boxing it up). I gave the scoop to my first customer, but I didn’t find it to be that useful anyway (attempting to scoop out of those bags is a fool’s errand, and its “meals” aren’t even 1/3 of the pouch).

Finally, I’d like to apologize to all the people who are still waiting for their smaller orders, as I was one of the first people to get mine. I know it can be frustrating to see someone jump you in line and then turn around and resell it, but I ordered with the best of intentions, not to scalp like those pricks who just forced me to spend $80 over face value for football tickets even though I was on TicketMaster the minute they went on sale.

Not that I’m bitter.


how many are you sell per “customer” because I am very much interested and could buy multiple weeks.


Sorry, I didn’t read the whole post. I am interested in buying 2 weeks


Also interested in buying a week or two. Also sent a PM with details.


I’ll take the rest. DIY is awesome, but I’d rather have another half hour each day. PMing


I’ll take 2 weeks if there are any left as well.


I’m up for buying two weeks. Going to be waiting on my official shipment of 2 weeks for a while longer. Sending you a PM.


Looks like I’m too late.

Good on you for the price. Cheers!


I would like to buy a week or two if possible.


If you still have some available, I’d like to buy a week from you.


I sent a couple PM’s and haven’t gotten a reply about the two weeks I bought. I would like to at least know you got the payment…


I received my one week from you several days ago - thanks again!!