Allergic reaction to Soylent 1.4


Hello, wondering if anyone has had the same negative reactions to Soylent 1.4…
I seem to have problems w/ Soylent 1.4…at least to my first batch; while it’s delicious,(still prefer Soylent 1.3) I am feeling not so well after 10/20 mnts after I have S1.4; I feel nauseated, jittery and as if I am going to vomit and I just feel really bad. It’s as if I am having an allergic reaction. The second day I had S1.4, I got/felt the same symptoms…
I didn’t experience these symptoms on 1.3 and I have been on Soylent for awhile…and I really do not suffer from food allergies in general, but do react in a similar way to MSG.
Looking at the ingredients of Soylent 1.4, almost everything is the same as 1.3….so I am thinking, what I have is either a bad batch or there is MSG somewhere where I am not seeing and I react to MSG in a bad way.


One thing that’s especially different is the sunflower seed oil. Might you be allergic to sunflower seeds?


There’s some information in these threads you might find helpful.


Doubt it is an allergic reaction, sounds more like something else.


Let me ask you this. Have you noticed a sudden increase in urination?

I know 1.4, or any of the other versions for that matter, is by no means a ketongenic diet, but it can be a sudden and significant drop in the amount of carbs people are used to getting. 1.4 has the added bonus of having significantly more fat than people are generally used to.

Ignoring the fact that the below article is about a ketongenic diet see if the symptoms sound familiar. I’ve read a number of “Soylent make me feel bad” posts and all the symptoms seem to be mentioned.


@Tordenskjold, yeah, I was going to say the same thing…

If you’re not having a gut reaction like actual diarrhea or vomiting, and not having a skin reaction like itching or rashes, it doesn’t sound much like an allergic reaction to food. This is coming from someone who’s been allergic to pretty much everything for most of my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as food “sensitivities”, which MSG sensitivity may fall under, that’s something else entirely and I don’t know what to expect there.


#ravenvii, thank you for feedback…I am not allergic to sunflower seed nor oil :slight_smile:


@horsfield no increase in urination. This whole reaction started only when I started using S1.4. I had none of the symptoms I described above when using S1.3. I am just hoping that I got a bad batch. They are sending me a new batch and I will give it a try again. In the meanwhile, I am back on S1.3 :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!


Hopefully your right… When I first started Soylent I peed out like 8-10 pounds of excess water. It finally stabilize and I am back to normal.