Alpha-GPC vs Choline bitartrate


Aside from price, any input on bioavailability / effectiveness ? Any other forms you prefer for choline, how much do you supplement?

Thanks …


I too would like some insight as I have moved to Alpha-GPC this week. I do not notice any difference but it may be too subtle to tell. My dosage is 2.5g per day.


Then there is CDP choline, I think I will alternate GPC and CDP each day …


Don’t forget to store your all/excess Alpha-GPC in the freezer. It is very hygroscopic and will turn to a gel in short order.


what will your daily intake be of each? Also are you taking Piracetam as a complimentary supplement?


I was shooting for the daily value in the standard male nutrition profile, instead of choline bitartrate …

From it seems like piracetam doesn’t do much for you if everything with your brain is normal and healthy, but if there is a deficit it does a whole lot … I was curious since I read so much about it but all links to piracetam on amazon, hard rhino etc etc… are no longer in existence, it’s as if it’s a thing from the past that is no longer around … If there is a trustworthy source to buy it I might try it just for curiousity… Thanks for the freezer tip!!


I ordered both Alpha-GPC and Piracetam from based on feedback from reddit community.
My costs:
Alpha-GPC Powder >99% (Sizes: 250g (8.8oz)) 62370-250B $169.99 USD
Piracetam Cognitive Powder (Sizes: 1000g (35.3oz)) 62260-1000B $67.99 USD

No problems with my order.



Did you feel an effect from Piracetam? If so, what does it feel like? How much do you take? Do you take any other nootropics?


I have just started Piracetam last week at a daily total of 4.8G and had no effect. After reading more, I intend to take 4.8G per dosage, twice a day for a total of 9.6G daily.

My 00 capsules hold 600 mg which means (once I make more) I will have to swallow 8 pills in the morning and eight more in the early afternoon. I need to find a better method here and any suggestions would be great.

My dosage is based on the following:



I take 200mg caffeine/400mg L-Theanine (fits in one 00 pill) in the morning and after lunch (soylent).


I have L-Theanine ordered and on the way but I’m a little skeptical to swallow caffeine, dunno why, maybe because it is supposed to be addictive? Does your body get used to it and you have to up the dose? What about just drinking some coffee? Right now I just drink green tea, has both, but very little … the placebo effect seems to be good enough :smile:

I guess it’s good that Piracetam has no effect on you, it means your brain is healthy and you have no deficits:
In regards to the mechanisms of Piracetam, I am personally leaning more towards Piracetam being an agent that can preserve mitochondrial membrane potential.
This sort of downplays it from a cognitive enhancer to a cognitive preserver. It does interact with mechanisms that can induce cognitive enhancement in otherwise healthy persons (AMPA modulation and Calcium Channel inhibition) but these effects, at best, are weak. Other racetams are more likely to be cognitive enhancers (For AMPA modulation and Calcium channel 2.2 inhibition respectively; this would be Aniracetam and Leviracetam) If it does enhance cognition significantly, it is possible that this is just from reversing small states of cognitive deficit.
That being said, it is a non-discriminate membrane fluidity preservative. This may also underlie how Piracetam is as effective as Aspirin at preventing blood clotting in older persons when taken as daily preventative medicine.
I believe Piracetam is not so much a Cognitive enhancer as it is a minor Longevity-enhancing agent; delaying age-related pathology in a non-specific and relatively weak manner. It is surprisingly non-toxic, so it might be a good health preserving agent if you have excess money to burn.

Kurtis Frank


If the GPC is in capsules, do you still need to throw them in the freezer? Just wonder how it fills to swallow a frozen capsule …


I believe, from earlier readings, you can build a tolerance to caffeine at high dosages, much like drinking excessive cups of coffee. However at 200 mg coffee (about 2 cups of coffee) is a modest amount but the L-Theanine as I understand it is synergistic with caffeine, improving overall effects and eliminating jitters.

I usually just take this M-F during work hours. Sat and Sun I take a break of all nootropics.


The capsules have not disintegrated yet so I am not sure how long the Alpha-GPC takes to convert to a gel. Frozen capsules are no more difficult to swallow than room temperature capsules.

I am going to try the Piracetam for about 3 weeks before deciding if there is any benefit.


Curious about this: anyone making a nootropic soylent with sources? I’d love to see about getting some for my stash.


Good question, can you simply blend those capsules into your soylent or should you rather just swallow them?

I ordered some Piracetam of the link you shared, it comes as a powder, I don’t have empty capsules to fill, can I just mix it with water and drink it? Take it sublingual like l-theanine? Probably not blend it in the soylent since you’re supposed to take 5g at once …


I DIY capsules (bought 00 size and little plastic capsule filler from amazon). I haven’t tried to mix Piracetam with water and drink. 4.8G sublingual is pretty tough, since it would be a mouth full of powder.

Since I make 500 kcal (125 g) of soylent meals, I can try to add 4.8 g to that meal and see how bad the taste is. It certainly would be better than swallowing 8 pills for breakfast.

The caffeine/L-Theanine (200/400) - I take a capsule when I arrive at work and again after lunch. With about a 5 hour effectiveness, it gets me through work and does not affect my sleep.


Well, it seems to me, that a biscuit would be the ideal delivery mechanism for your payload of mental stimulants.

Then you could say you just ate a “smart cookie”


I’m actually looking into this seriously - baking noopept into my soylent. Anyone have any info or research on heat sensitivity for the various nootropics? I’m guessing/hoping that dilution of the compounds in the bulk of soylent will buffer it against the ill effects of baking…


You could always make a generic soylent cookie with some “smart cookie” icing


Then I’d have to worry about the bitter taste that seems to accompany many nootropics. And also figure out a way to make the frosting while staying within my caloric ceiling.


Maybe a bunch of stevia or sucralose added to something like this would mask out the nastiness :