Altering Texture of v 1.4


I’ve started this topic because I find that v 1.4 is too oily/slimy. I also do not like the taste but if I can get past the texture I’m sure there is some way to make it taste better, so I am hoping some people have found a way to make 1.4 less oily/slimy.

Here is one suggestion I found in another post…

If anyone has any other ideas I’d love to hear them.


That poster was talking about earlier Soylents, though, hasn’t tried it with 1.4.

Unlike earlier Soylents, colder isn’t better with 1.4. Try mixing it a serving at a time and drinking it room temperature. Or, what I do, mix it in the pitcher, and to serve, pour half a glass of tepid water, then mix half a glass of Soylent into that. Dilution and less-cold help.


There seem to be wildly differing opinions on temperature and 1.4 though. I’ve also seen people say that it was a horrendous mistake to try at room temp.


Never know until you try!


Just made my first batch of 1.4 - I’m a huge Soylent fan, but I’m having a hard time making past the slimyness - It reminds me of a glass of milk with an exaggerated feeling of drinking milk, so the best I’ve been able to do is dilute it a bit until it’s a bit more the consistency of whole milk and throw in a splash of vanilla extract. I’m sure Soylent is working on this issue 24/7 until they resolve it or take a step back and go to 1.3, and then release a 1.45. Reminds me of all the marketing studies about the release of a new Coca Cola formula that was so poorly received that they reverted quickly back to the old formula.


I had it room temp/fresh from faucet and that was not a good idea.


Yes, like with the taste of 1.4, the preferred temperature of 1.4 is garnering wildly disparate opinions. Yoinks.


Room temp is unthinkable to me for v1.4.

It definitely mellows out after 12hours or so but the colder the better because there’s honestly, less flavor to me the colder it is.