Alternate pitcher


Hi all,
I’m finding that the Takeya pitcher is ever so slightly too tall for my dishwasher, after full disassembly (removing both parts of the top) - it just barely hits the blades.
Can anyone recommend a pitcher that fits the bill for this but is wider/less tall?

dishwasher safe (preferably plastic so I don’t break it if it drops)
2L capacity
sealable top
ideally pourable but I can live without that



For my Schmoylent I’d been using a 2L blue plastic “Sistema” pitcher I found at the Container store.
It comes apart easy but doesn’t really seal well enough at the top to be a true “shaker” bottle like the Takeya. I’d been using a small emersion blender to make the Schmoylent.


I’ve been happy with the Takeya pitcher myself (but I hand wash).

Is this the pitcher you have, @GregH? Sistema pitcher on Amazon (Klip It 1420 67-Ounce Juice Jug).


Yes! that’s it. I found that trying to shake the thicker Schmoylent in it would cause it to bubble out of the little air bleeder valve on the top and clog it… so I actually drilled a hole on the back of the top and hold it with my finger while shaking. The Schmoylent is a lot thicker than Soylent and without enough air displacement it doesn’t pour very well. The other seals (on the spout and holding the top on) seem to be fairly good.


I use This Pitcher for my DIY. I bought these at least 5 years ago and mine are pretty close to air tight. At least shaking up my DIY in them works just fine. However some people mentioned that they had leaking problems when they tried to shake up theirs, but they bought theirs more recently. So it might be an issued of the newer batches being less well fitted. However for me, they work great.


After you figure out the lid, the Frigoverre is great.


I second the Frigoverre. I got two at the Container Store for $10 each. I love the glass instead of plastic. As @ravenvii says, once you figure out the lid it is all good. The square size fits great in the refrigerator. Much better than the Takeya.


And the Frigoverre’s glass cleans so very well, either in the dishwasher or by hand.

You’ll want to take the lid apart to wash it. That’s four separate parts, but not much of a bother in the dishwasher.


How do you take the lid apart? There’s the obvious rubber ring, but you said four parts, so where’s the third part of the lid?


Take off the rubber ring. Unscrew the lid so it’s at its loosest. It won’t come apart: that’s because a crosspiece snaps on the top of the lid, sort of like a Lego, to keep the two pieces that screw together, together. You can push down the bottom piece while holding the edge of the top piece, and the crosspiece will pop off and the other two pieces will now be separate. Ring, top screw part, bottom screw part, Legoish crosspiece.


I figured this out when I bought my second Frigoverre pitcher and the top “lego-ish” piece was loose. I haven’t had to take the lid apart for any reason so far. I haven’t seen any rotting Soylent in the cracks so that is good.


Well, that might be okay, but I’d just as soon make sure everything was clean.