Alternate Protein Source



There are multiple threads on this. Most people seem to squeamish. Irrational to a fault. I plan on consuming that protein.


If I did DIY, cricket flour would be on my list to try.


TLDW: Insects are basically a superfood (protein, vitamins/minerals), and cheap as hell to produce at a massive scale.

But still, eww.


Dog food. Dog food. Dog food. I want them to make dog food out of bugs.

If I were an entrepreneur, that’s what I’d be doing.


Interesting. I wonder how they kill the crickets before processing them? I went to their site but I couldn’t find the answer.


I believe they freeze them then grind them up.


Lee is correct. They freeze them.


Aha, thanks. I didn’t even think of that. Depriving them of O2 seems slightly more humane.


I just tried these today. Got them at a healthfood store.


Most Insects go into a stasis or hibernation in the cold. If they freeze them, they go to sleep and then are ground up while frozen. Sounds even better than oxygen deprivation.


Absolutely right. They’re cold-blooded; as they cool off, they slow down and go into a zombie/hibernation state, long before they freeze solid.

And then, when frozen, they can be easily pulverized.


This also works for a zombie invasion. When you pulverize zombie flesh into a million pieces, it cannot keep crawling after you.


I would definitely eat it if it were not so expensive. $1/ounce for mostly cassava flour really sucks. Hope this does take off though.


I bought a sampler of the Exo bars (while still waiting for my original Soylent BackerKit order [over an entire calendar year later]) and they were actually quite good. They were a little pricey, however, but in the ballpark for similar mass-produced items.

For the squeamish, I’ll admit that they do have somewhat of a gritty texture, but really no different from other snack/protein bars…Clif bars, for instance. If you didn’t know that you were eating crickets, it really wouldn’t dawn on you if you tried them. Overall, I’d encourage the curious to try them out.


“This also works for a zombie invasion. When you pulverize zombie flesh into a million pieces, it cannot keep crawling after you.”

I’ve always thought that we Canadians will have the most luck during a zombie apocalypse. We simply drive north until the seasons change and then harvest the corpses( smash the skulls ) as they will be frozen solid for 8 months out of the year. Seeing as how 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border ( Due to our secret military invasion plan of 2017 ) we have plenty of room to avoid the zombie hordes.


I love this quote from the article:

“There’s a need among moms who want to get more protein in their kids’ diets, but it can be hard to feed them things like a steak”, she says. "If you can give them foods that are appealing, like a cookie [with cricket flour]

How would a cookie made with crickets be appealing to a kid? o.O


I don’t need to eat bugs, I’m drinking soylent.


I’m totally trolling, and I’m totally honest about it. (This bug thing is a great idea)