Alternating Gas & Constipation on v1.1


I’ve been on v1.1 for 2 weeks. I started out drinking 500 cal 2x per day, then built up to 3x after 3 days and 4x per day after a week. I felt great and loved the time savings of Soylent…then there was the gas. It became unbearable. I read a post here that said I should sip it throughout the day to stop overwhelming my stomach enzymes. I tried that and it helped with the gas, but then all of my plumbing stopped up…entirely. I’m thinking of adding insoluble fiber to the mix, but I’d think Soylent would already have enough fiber to keep the pipes clear. Is that true? Also, you should know I drink just as much water (if not more) than I do Soylent. Does anyone have a suggestion how to stay regular without blowing toxic gas out my backside all day long? I love Soylent so I really want to find a solution. Thanks.

Introducing Soylent 1.2

More fiber should help the constipation - a little psyllium husk is fairly easy to get and should do the trick. Everyone is different, and your microbiota is different, too, so some of us may need more or less fiber.

You might also consider splitting the difference between drinking it too fast and drinking it too slow… perhaps there’s a “Goldilocks” speed for your system.


check out


Thanks. I will try that. I still have 6 bags left. It’s hard to get started again though, because I know I won’t be able to get re-supplied now that I’ve cancelled my subscription due to gas & constipation. At least I’ll have an answer with regard to the constipation, right?


Use the same email address as last time, the resupply wait is much faster than the new order wait… You should get your order in a few weeks.


Wait! No psyllium husk if you’re constipated! Too much of it usually makes me constipated. I’d look into getting an insoluble fiber supplement.


This is true about restarting your subscription. Once you update your payment info It will ask you to contact them to re-activate. Send a message to telling them you want to get started again


You’re extremely unusual in this regard; psyllium is routinely used to treat constipation.


Really? Well in that case disregard my message. I just assumed it was normal.


I thought I should check back in and let you know that Soylent v1.4 has ENTIRELY resolve the issue I was having with gas in V1.1. I have no idea which change fixed the issue, but I am so happy they solved it.