Alternating Recipies / Ratios, Colds


I recently decided to fork my recipe to bump up the calories one or two days a week when i am working longer hours. I was finding on those days i would get a bit hungrier towards the end of the day, and since my overall goal is some weight loss, i didn’t want to overeat on the other days.

In adjusting the recipe I decided to also change the ratio i was using to be 33/34/33 as i didn’t want to go nuts on the carbs on those days. My previous ratio was the standard US DRI of 50/25/25

I’ve only done one day like that so far and am back to my normal recipe. The energy on the day was great, and I quite like the new flavour/texture.

A couple of questions. first, can anybody see any issues with doing this on an ad hoc basis? I’ve heard that your body can take time to adjust some some of the more severe keto/paleo profiles.

Secondly, perhaps coincidentally, the day after I tried the new recipe, I woke up with a sore throat. my initial thought was maybe the rice protein was a bit high - I have had issues in the past with too much rice does irritate my throat due to chalkyness. towards the end of the day however, i had a runny nose, and came to the conclusion I was coming down with a common cold.

Sure enough next morning headaches, and the general blah feeling one has with a cold. i’ve read about the phenomena of the "keto flu’. The new recipe is not exactly keto, but a little more keto than my normal recipe. Is it possible this is what I am experiencing, or is it just what I have assumed - an unfortunate co-incidence and I’ve caught a cold?

finally, a more general question.
how have DIY soylenters found their general health in terms of a) catching colds, b) recovering from colds since starting their DIY - in comparison to life pre-soylent?

for those interested in the numbers:

normal recipe (2005 kcal)

long workday recipe (2498 kcal, costs more, but as i am paid by the hour, worth it)

i know it’s a big jump up (+493 kcal), but i do fairly physical work, and have to walk around a lot.


Given that you’ve only dropped 40g of carbs between the two recipes and are still taking >200g / day I doubt your symptoms are carb related. You need to get well under 100g of carbs a day in my experience before you start to feel any keto flu type symptoms.

On a side note: Why is everyone moving to using the Opti-Women multi instead of the Opti-Men?


For me it was because the dosing was closer to my goals, and because it has iron. Also men’s = 3 pills / day women’s = 2 pills / day. I tried the numbers with the men’s and using less of them but the lack of iron and a few other things made more sense to use the women’s

Edit: also works out $10 cheaper approx over 60 days.


And THAT’s why I’m using a centrum, folks. I only have to swallow pills once.


Well I am more or less over my cold. It seems like I bounced back fairly quickly. I have been known to take a week or two in the past. Might be all the vitamins etc. or just not much of a cold. I stayed on soylent the whole time, and had a few extra orange juices, and was sipping codral lemon drinks.

I’d still be keen to hear from others if they notice any differences in these sorts of things over before switching to soylent