Alternative for GNC mega men sport at walmart?


Ive found everything I need to make people chow 3.0 at walmart except GNC mega men sport (MMS).

Has anyone got a good alternative for it that can be found at a local grocer like walmart?

From looking at the ingredients it seems to be a multivitamin along with protein supplement. Its seems to overlap with some of the ingredients from the whey protein isolate.

Would some multivitamin like “one a day” or “centrum” be good enough? I see a lot of amino acids listed in MMS but it appears most all of that is in the whey protein.
I see fiber listed in MMS so maybe I could use a fiber supplement like Metamucil or similar?


Unfortunately I can’t offer an alternative to MMS but I can suggest some things to consider when replacing it. As you pointed out MMS has whey protein and fiber in it. You will of course have to re-add these back in yourself. I would suggest making your own copy of the recipe, deleting the MMS, then add more protein and fiber till you get back to the proper amounts in the original recipe.

As far as multivitamins one a day or centrum are not exactly the best. They don’t provide 100% of everything especially the minerals. Unfortunately I don’t know what is available at Walmart so I can’t make any useful suggestions.


From what I can find… There are no alternatives… Specially for the specific recipe because it contains so many different things in specific amounts… Even worse is we can’t get it in Europe and sellers wont ship it to us either because of regulations. (May have something to do with powder vs minerals/vitamins)


I’ve seen a number of recipes that use Centrum as the multivitamin, and it’s probably a better multivitamin in general. The problem is that it’s a pill instead of MMS’s powder. It’s hard to measure out just the amount you need, and (from a more philosophical standpoint) unless you crush it you have to take it separately from the soylent and no longer have a single source of all nutrition.


People chow has a lot of vita-mineral overages. So may be using another multi vitamin other than MMS is not a bad thing. Infact it could bring it closer to 100% DRI than MMS. If they are in pill form crush it and mix it with the chow.


Thanks for the suggestions. There does appear to be quite a bit of overlap of MMS with the various brands of whey protein ive seen. Im just gonna have to take the time to go over the nutrition data sheets and try to see how much vitamins and fiber I need to put in its place.

Ideally I would like to be able to get all I need at one marketplace instead of shopping all over town to piece meal something together. Ordering its something id rather not do.


If I remember right, @axcho has started using a different vitamin supplement. (I’ve been gone a while, so I’m not 100% sure)


That’s correct. First mentioned in June:


You can make a copy of people chow on the diy site replace the vitamin with centrum or what have you and see whether any nutrient goes below acceptable values.


Also, for those who do use the GNC powders, Mega Men Maximum Nutrition is better than Mega Men Sport for most recipes, and substantially cheaper.