Alternative for masa for people chow? Heavy whipping cream?

Masa seems to be making the people chow recipe all powdery. I want something that feels more like milkshake or smoothie you get at a mall or ensure. Would like something I can use in the same amount as the masa to get the same nutrition or I can post specifics about my body if I can get the exact amount to use.

I don’t know how to make a DIY soylent yet but I can follow exact instructions to put together soylent.

A few grams of xanthan gum would probably do the trick.

I find the kind of Maseca makes a huge difference. The one in People Chow has a red top on the bag and a gritty texture. Maseca in an all white bag is smooth and grit free. I don’t know what the difference is between the two but it is night and day.

Maseca Corn Flour, 4.4 Lbs (Pack of 2)