Alternative Soylent product line with greater satiety to help with weight loss?

Does 21st century food science make it possible to make a version of Soylent 2.0 that is twice as filling and maybe twice the volume (while retaining the same taste and texture) without adding more calories? So, a Soylent 2.0 offshoot where each bottle is 200 calories and 10 bottles is 2000 calories. Is that possible?

There are certain foods like pickles that have very low calories. But pickles are high in salt, so you can’t just eat 30 pickles a day. It is possible, though, for foods to be filling and have very low calories. Could “saltless pickles”, so to speak, (that is, ingredients reflecting whatever the scientific principle is behind pickles being filling but very low calorie) be added to Soylent to increase the fillingness or satiety without increasing the calories by more than a little?

I thought that Soylent would help me lose weight, but it doesn’t change the fact that hunger is a form of physical suffering that is hard, really hard, to endure. I feel sad because I don’t know how I am ever going to lose weight — it requires eating less, and I can’t seem to cut my daily calories because the hunger is too much to cope with.

If Soylent could produce a weight loss product that reduces hunger without increasing caloroes, that would truly be a food miracle. Unwanted weight is something that people struggle with at least as much as food itself (i.e. researching nutrition, grocery shopping, cooking). It is a problem on the same scale, if not even greater. Unwanted weight causes emotional pain too, in a way that goes far beyond the burden of obtaining and preparing food. That’s to say nothing of the impact on health. So, this is a challenge to the Soylent team. And a desperate plea. Help me.

This is your Bat Signal, @Rob.


Saltless pickles are called cucumbers, and they are tasty and low in calories.

For increasing volume without increasing calories, drink more water. Drink half a bottle of soylent every ~3 hours and get used to the empty stomach feeling that isn’t hunger that Soylent makes.
Liquid diets, in general, exit the stomach faster and leave your stomach feeling empty sooner than solid food. Consider eating low calorie things like cucumbers, lettuce, celery, green beans, cauliflower, etc to produce a full stomach and get more fiber in.

Another way to increase satiety is to add more protein, IE protein powder to your soylent.

Remember you need to not eat 3500 calories less than your body needs to lose a pound. 3500 calories is about 30 miles of walking or 100 miles on a bike. So don’t expect to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week… a pound of energy/fat is a LOT.

Remember that 2000 calories is rather a lot for short, female and/or inactive people.

For losing weight for someone who isn’t hugely obese and inactive, it might work better to eat chicken breasts and non-starchy veggies and all other foods in extreme moderation to lose the weight, and soylent to help maintain. I know that I can make a breakfast with about 250 calories that is filling enough to last 5-6 hours… liquid food will never do that.

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There’s a brand of fiber that claims to “puff up” once inside the stomach, it’s called PGX.

Also, drink a lot of water. It will increase the volume of “stuff” in your stomach.

That said, I wish there was a version of Soylent with less calories (less fat & carbs) but not less micronutrients (and not less protein).

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You need to join the Metrecal for lunch bunch:

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This could easily be the placebo effect or another cause, but I have been finding it is slightly easier for me to get by with less Soylent per day since I started taking certain supplements. I have been taking caralluma capsules, which studies seem to suggest have a modest effect on appetite reduction, as well as psyllium husk capsules for insoluble fiber and glucomannan capsules for soluble fiber. Glucomannan is made from konjac root and bulks up into a gel many times its size as it binds with liquid in your stomach, helping you feel full. You have to drink a lot of water with it. However, I am tinkering with my intake of the fiber supps right now because they may or may not have contributed to some hard stools and constipation.

It might also just be that my stomach has shrunk or I’ve acclimated to new eating patterns, however. I am also using Soylent for weight loss but my difficulty has been less with hunger than with simply craving the foods that I like. I’ve given up on doing more than 60-70% Soylent or so for that reason, but I have recently started using low-calorie meals like Lean Cuisine to help satisfy some of my cravings for the taste, warmth and texture of muggle food.

It’s called keto. Get rid of carbs and your hunger cravings drop dramatically. A liquid keto Soylent bottle at 200 calories would be awesome.

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Has anyone tried PGX?

I’m sure that everyone has noticed that even though Soylent is not specifically intended for weight loss, there is a very large contingent of us who actually try to use it for that anyway. It really would be great if there were a product from RL specifically developed for us. I’m interested in the keto approach or whatever else RL might have to offer.

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I think PGX uses glucomannan, the fiber supp I mentioned that bulks up in your stomach and that you need to take a lot of water with. I do think it helps me feel slightly fuller, though it also makes me a little gassy/burpy. You really do need to drink a lot of water with it, though. I kid you not, once after taking a glucomannan capsule – either as a result of not drinking enough water, lying in a reclined position, or both – I straight-up burped up a solid chunk of the stuff. Very unpleasant. But I do think it helps a little bit with satiety and appetite control, and as long as I drink plenty of water and don’t lie down immediately after consuming, there seem to be no issues apart from the occasional burp.

Purportedly, it also has some additional benefits, like feeding your gut bacteria and controlling your blood glucose and cholesterol levels.