Alternative to GNC Men's Mega Men Sport, Vanilla Bean?


As GNC Men’s Mega Men Sport, Vanilla Bean isn’t available for us in Germany I’m wondering if someone is aware of a good alternative for this product? Can be another all-in-one solution or several ingredients.

Thanks a lot in advance


I’m interested in this as well.


I recommend this recipe: : )

I’ve ordered already. I’m waiting for my ingredients.


This doesn’t answer the question, does it? :wink:


I’ve been looking for an alternative myself for a while. One thing that has been suggested to me is to use a coffee grinder to grind multivitamin tablets into powder, but that seems like a lot of work, and I don’t have a coffee grinder.

I think I’ve found the solution. Instead of trying to find multivitamin powder (GNC seems like the only option), look for multivitamin capsules (instead of tablets or caplets or pills). Capsules are little shells around loose powder, which you can easily open up and dump into a DIY powder mix. See if you can find anything like that in Germany! :slight_smile:


@axcho Do you have any special product in mind. I’m sure we have a lot of these capsules in Germany and because of the variety of products, it would be interesting to know, which one would have a proper set of vitamins etc. As you did your research on this, I’d be more than happy to see your results.


I’m not sure what’s available in Germany, but I just did a search on Amazon for “multivitamin capsules” and looked up the nutrition info on the first page of results.

I found that Paradise Herbs has a nice multivitamin capsule that is somewhat close to the mix in GNC, but without any common allergens (unlike GNC), and not too expensive:

There are a lot of options to choose from, however. Let us know what you find :slight_smile:

Alternative for GNC mega men sport at walmart?

@axcho: Thanks for the recommendation with Paradise Herbs. Unfortunately they are not (what a surprise ;)) available in Germany. I was able to get this mixture together with a combination of different Now Food bottles.

As I read that you are pretty close to the taste of the original soylent and your nutrition data was the closest to what my personal nutrition profile is asking for, I was copying your recipe and made it “Germany compatible”. Some ingredients are still from the UK, but as I don’t have to pay for shipping that’s completely fine.
The recipe is currently private, as I didn’t receive the stuff and therefore was not able to update all the nutritions as per the real product (they just give a short overview about what’s really inside). The product team also didn’t reply before I placed my order but they wanted to get back to me on the next business day. Most of the stuff in the recipe is pretty pure and I don’t think there will be a huge difference between your nutrition data and my final data. If you want to check it out, or someone else in Germany who’s reading this post, feel free

After my first trial run and final update of the nutrition data I’ll kick this public so everyone else, who’s not reading this post, can also find it in the list.


Awesome, glad to see my Soylent-knockoff inspiring yet further Schmoylent imitators! :wink: Let us know how it goes when you get to taste it…

Just make sure that the rice protein you get is a vanilla-flavored one. Otherwise it won’t taste like Soylent. :stuck_out_tongue:


Vanlla-flavored was not available. Had to go with “neutral”. But I’ll add some vanillin or pure vanilla. I’m wondering why people don’t use pure vanilla anyway. :slight_smile:

Now that I have some time to (hopefully) enjoy the DIY soylent I’ll be planning an all natural soylent. I think it might be much healthier than what the chemical stuff is able to do. Especially when we keep in mind that there might be nutritions that are not completely known yet.