Alternatives to drinking Soylent


So, I’ve been drinking Soylent for a few days now and I’m not a big fan of the taste… or texture… or smell. I’ve been experimenting with flavoring and will probably have to keep doing that.

However I’ve been trying to figure out alternative ways to get it in my body. I added powdered peanut butter to it and mixed it into a peanut butter like consistency with the intent to eat it in sandwiches, but there was just too much of it to realistically consume.

I’ve been researching how to put it into pill or gel cap form as well. Both methods would be time consuming and the gel cap method would have me taking (somewhere in the ballpark of) 600 pills a day(not counting the fish oil). So, this method is also unsatisfactory.

Do you other Soylent/DIY users have any ideas?

P.S. I refuse to entertain the idea of eating the powder with a spoon, and I also generally object to snorting it(as well as buttchugging the soylent drink).


Have you done any DIY yourself or considered ordering some from the multiple folks offering domestic service? I would propose maybe checking out @axcho and maybe seeing if he could put together a variety pack for you. In the DIY realm you might find something you like better (taste/texture) without having to invest in a bunch of bulk ingredients until you are sure you like it. I personally make a modified People Chow with more the double the protein (also as a blend of Soy/Casein/Whey) as well as Xanthum Gum. I find this smoother and tastier then Soylent which I found oddly sweet and off putting. I didn’t mind the texture and to be fair I have grown quiet accustomed to my DIY but Soylent was a no go for me as wel.


For me, Soylent 1.0 is way to sweet and the general flavor of it is seriously off-putting and really has a way of just overpowering any of the flavoring I’ve done… My most recent attempt I poured a buttton of Soda Stream in and mixed that and I ended up with Soylent flavored Pepsi(which is much more tolerable, but still not exactly what I want)…

From all the things Soylent said about what the product should have been, I was really hoping the final product would basically end up being a crazy neutral(Almost water flavored) drink, with a water-like consistency.

I understand that that expectation is extremely unrealistic, but when it comes to something like Soylent, the less flavor the better as far as I am concerned. If the flavor thing cannot be resolved, I will continue trying to think of other ways to consume it(my girlfriend objects to me consulting a doctor and getting a feeding tube put in).


I concur completely. I take my DIY savory with maybe a small hint of vanilla but definitely not sweet. My reaction to Soylent was the same, I know it’s supposed to be relatively plain but I found it overly/artificially sweet tasting


With or without going DIY, I still have a sizeable amount of Soylent 1.0 and am still looking for suggestions to enjoyably consume it(Or, with little extra work, just get it in my body some other way).


Try adding 2Tbsp of dark cocoa powder to a pitcher of Soylent. It won’t do much for the texture but it will change the taste and the smell for the better.


I have devised a daily whole foods diet which provides full nutrition. I’m trying it out; been a few days and I’m not sure how long I’ll stick it out. So far, pretty good.

It’s definitely a viable alternative to Soylent. As long as one’s goal is “get full nutrition, with as little hassle as possible,” as opposed to “I want to stop eating altogether.”


My goals for Soylent are numerous and lengthy, but there is less of a desire to stop eating altogether and more of a desire to not have to stop doing anything else to eat. Meaning when I get hungry, I do not want to have to stop working or whatever it is I am doing to prepare/find/kill my food. I’m also almost always at a keyboard, so Soylent(something without grease or crumbs, no need for a plate or any utensils) seemed perfect.

As far as this particular goal is concerned, having to stop typing for a second to pick up my container and gulp seems to be as close as I can get without finding a way to automate the entire process while remaining hands free.


Take a look at my thread I linked. What I’ve come up with is 10 ingredients, that pack into 3 tupperware containers, plus a cup each of 2 different beverages. It is all finger food except for the “pea salad” requires a spoon to eat. None of it is crumby, drippy, or otherwise likely to soil clothes, hands, face, or work area.

The hardboiled eggs need to be cooked, but I can boil 4 dozen of them all in one pot, once per week. And of course, there’s buying all the ingredients so I have enough on hand, also ideally which I’ll do once a week at the grocery store (except order some nuts etc. in bulk online).

Container A: eggs
Container B: pea salad
Container C: snack mix

My daily morning routine is:

Pour a cup each of OJ and milk. (I put them in jelly jars with screw lids.)

Peel 6 hardboiled eggs, put them in Container A.

Open and drain a can of peas & carrots; dump in Container B, along with 1 Tablespoon of canola oil and 1/3 cup dried parsley.

Into Container C put 1/3 cup peanuts, 1/3 cup almonds, 1/3 cup sunflower seeds, and 1/2 cup dried apricots.

Refrigerate Containers A & B, and the beverages, if feasible. Eat everything throughout one day.

It may sound complex, but now that I’ve got it on autopilot it’s probably as easy to prepare as the simplest DIY shake drink. Eating it takes longer than gulping a shake, but still just about the easiest eating I’ve ever done.


Joel, I haven’t tried this with Soylent yet, but a lot of my early DIY projects were less than pleasant to eat before I finally got one I liked. In almost all cases if I added an egg and some baking powder to my mix with a minimum of water to make a sort of dough and then baked it as small cookies the result was much more pleasant to eat than the mixture ever was to drink.

So you might give that a try just to finish off your current Soylent and then move to a DIY version you like better.


According to feedback to our 21 flavor Set - the best options to make it more yummy are:

  • Chocolate (not raw cocoa - it’s too boring, but chocolate mix)
  • Strawberry (natural or freeze dried)
  • Shredded coconut
  • Blueberry (natural or freeze dried)

You may play yourself or check for ready made DIY-options on Powdered Foods Marketplace :smile:


I had tried that with peanut butter cookies, but there were so many of them I don’t think I can realistically eat them all in one day… Although, I suppose if I kept extra ingredients to a minimum it might not be a whole lot of them… Maybe I could make them super thin as well… It is worth thinking about