Always too much manganese


I am new to the DIY soylent thing; I’ll preface with the facts that I am trying to gain weight - the meal replacements I have tried mess up my digestion, thin my hair noticably or cause serious inflammation in my joints.

I was excited to learn about DIY soylent but each recipe i have tried to create hits the red limit for Manganese around 800 calories before my calorie goal(2500 calories is goal).

I have been avoiding adding maltodextrin to my recipe ingredient list but it seems unavoidable. It was the main ingrediant in the Muscle milk gainer i tried which destroyed my digestion for a week and made my hair thin excessivly. I dont want to attribute all or any of that to the muscle milk powder but i am trying to avoid maltodextrin or whey protein for that reason.

I’m desperate for help. It is physically and mentally difficult for me to have an appetite for solid food.


Have you tried Ensure Plus?


No i have not. I was trying to stay away from maltodextrin and milk concentrates. I should also mention i am very sensitive to soy.


The maltodextrin shouldn’t make your hair thinner :slight_smile: so I would contribute that to a lack of something else. From what I could find, as long as you keep it below 11 mg manganese a day you would be fine. Manganse toxicity is rare and hasn’t been reported as far as I know (outside of supplementing too much along with food) when you say it hits red levels, how many mg is that then? You could also consider just using one of the diy that are populare instead of trying to make one from scratch. Or ask someone like @Axcho to mix something together for you


It might be helpful if you gave us a link to your recipe. Also your just assuming that it’s the maltodextrin or the whey that is causing your reactions. Before shunning one or the other you should test and confirm before eliminateing them as possible calorie sources. You can always use masa hirena as your carb source. Below is a link to my recipe. Feel free to copy it and modify to your hearts content.


Concerning the manganese, this thread on this forum is an interesting read.

As for the maltodextrin - take a look at Palationse (marketing name for isomaltulose), maybe it’ll suit you better.


I keep editing the recipe so there is no surplus of Manganese at the moment. Im also over 1000 calories short on my goal.

I dont care about taste. I know from past experience that if i can drink my main meals my solid food appetite becomes impressive and i am able to gain weight.

If i add more oat powder to my recipe i get over 11mg manganese, if i add flaxseed meal, same. Rice flour will give me over 11mg manganese. masa harina gives me over 11mg manganese.

Is there no way to avoid the isomalts and maltodextrins? It just does not seem right that sugar should be such a main part of my meal.


Why don’t you just take something like or and edit the amount of oil, protein and carbs to match your slightly higher calorie needs?


Considering I’ve been able to scale my recipe up to 3000 calories without breaking the bank on any micronutrients I find it hard to believe masa hirena doesn’t work for you.


I did not try exclusively masa harina… it seems like oat powder brings the manganese past 600%. It looks like masa harina WILL work. Thank you everyone for helping me out, I feel better already.


I really like how the QuidNYC superfood recipe looks. I am going to try that out and see how I react. Thanks again for everyone helping me out. This is a great community.


@Prenso, you are only assuming maltodextrin is causing hair thinning and indigestion. But you have valid concerns about manganese. Studies have shown even less than 5 mg of manganese intake to affect mental health in some people. So its better to be safe than sorry about manganese. Thats why Soylent took great caution about this mineral. Masa harina is a good choice though if you still want to avoid maltodextrin for some reason.