Am I Alone? The Soy in Soylent Messed Me Up


My source: my actual estrogen tests. The effects may be weak at low levels, taking 260 mg of it every day isn’t a low level. I had actual side effects. Can you guys go have your “Soy isn’t evil” discussions in another thread? I’d like to hear from other people that were impacted like myself.
(And again for clarity’s sake, I didn’t have 5 bottles every day, I had 3-4, but that IS the daily allowance of Soylent.)


Sorry about the thread-jack; I was responding to other statements, and didn’t meant to co-opt your thread.

I didn’t dismiss your experience, and individual reactions will always vary… I hope you find the feedback you’re looking for, and I hope you and your doctors are getting your situation under control.


I’m starting to wonder if the people strongly impacted by soy are a small percentage of people and that’s why we’re not seeing the response more on the forums. I wonder if there’s a correlation between being impacted by soy and another medicine that had impacted me. I was very much expecting such an exclamatory subject line would stand out so that people that were impacted would chime in. Clearly the impact is a lot less noticeable for other people than it was for me or most people aren’t consuming 3+ bottles/day.


Did you and your doctor nail down a cause with any certainty?

Did you need treatment, or did getting off of Soylent help your situation?

I hope you’re doing better.


How are you figuring “average”? Most people who drink Soylent don’t consume it exclusive. The majority consume it as 25-75%; typically breakfast and/or lunch, not all Soylent all the time. If you’re saying that up to 100mg is fine and one serving is 52mg, that makes one Soylent meal per day well under that limit, and two only just above it.


Yep. I can no longer drink Soylent. It was a miracle for me before so this is too bad.

Soy causes stomach pain and muscle weakness for me. I tried the new Soylent but it had the same effect as I feared it would. I can’t drink it anymore.

Soylent went from being a unique product to being equivalent to any other off-the-shelf protein powder. Big mistake – apparently they did not realize that is one of the things that made Soylent truly different in the marketplace.


Probably not.

Whereas it is too bad that Soylent no longer works for you, I’m sure their share in the marketplace will increase, not decrease because of this change.


Huh? The most common protein powder is whey protein (at least in the US), and most of them are not nutritionally complete foods.

Other than being a nutritionally complete, vegan food, I guess Soylent is equivalent to off-the-shelf protein powders.


I’m finally back to normal now, so just avoiding soy and giving the levels some time to normalize did it. Took about six months for me.


I’ve noticed a sharp drop in libido after drinking Soylent for about two - three weeks consistently. I stopped and had it return to normal. I thought it may have been a fluke - so I started it up again… same thing after two weeks.

No blood work done but I can say that there is something going on here.


How much Soylent were you drinking? How were you measuring your drop in libido?


You were drinking five bottles of Soylent a day?


I was drinking only half a bottle everyday for breakfast for a month , and it caused me to constantly spot bleed. I really enjoyed the simplicity of Soylent and that it was so filling, but I honestly could not handle the disruption to my hormones.


Wondering… So I gather from the thread that your estrogen levels have been difficult to manage in the past. I also gather that you’re taking exogenous estrogens (or did I make that up? Not sure, where I read in the thread). One of the fun (Read annoying) things about endocrinology is that every hormone just about has an influence on every other hormone,


From the recent reddit AMA:

Are there plans for a non-soy based protein formula?

[–]SoylentCEOVerified[S] [score hidden] 4 hours ago
I would like to replace the soy protein with single cell protein.