Am I crazy or is Soylent absolutely perfect for right now?

With all the coronavirus going around, I’m seeing more and more people popping up on places like Quora and others, saying they have it and how much it sucks. These are people who are otherwise healthy and will likely get through it fine, but in the meantime they are absolutely miserable.

One of their chief complaints is that they have absolutely no interest in food whatsoever, so they aren’t eating. Unlike flu where people will want food, but not be able to keep it down, with covid they just plain don’t want any. But, they’re still drinking.

Enter Soylent! It seems like people could be so much more comfortable if they just knew about and had some Soylent on hand. With the neutrality of Original flavor (and the fact that it’s basically just water with nutrients in it) I would think it to be the ideal foodstuff for this time, even moreso than I already did.

I wish we were hearing about people using Soylent to help them get through this illness. I certainly hope I don’t get it but at least I know if I do, I will not go hungry!

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Not being hungry is a signal from your body. Don’t ignore it.

The problem is, when someone isn’t hungry because of covid, they say they literally do not want food. They may know they should eat, but their body doesn’t want it plain & simple. That’s why I think Soylent is perfect… people say they still drink without a problem so, there ya go. Drink your food and you’ll be in far better shape than if you go without food for days on end, as many people are apparently doing right now.

Your body doesn’t want nutrients for a reason.

I’m afraid you’re missing the entire point of my post.

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No, vice versa. …

Lode, not every signal from your body is right. My body tells me to eat chocolate all day long, but that’s because my body is an idiot, not because I should. Similarly, our body didn’t have advance knowledge on coronavirus, so it’s “don’t eat” signal could be a good idea, but more likely it’s just some weird hormone thing that’s a side effect of the virus. When you’re sick, you’re probably not very active, so you don’t need to eat much, but eating some is a good idea.


Not Crazy!
I’m still trying to get my parents on board. Soylent is the perfect form factor for whats happening now
I have 2 months of 2.0 soylent on hand at any given time (single, no kids)
Looking forward to the 1200 from the government,will be getting powder and more 2.0 with it

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Just got 6 boxes of 1.9 (on a Sunday delivery!) in CA from PA… (exp Nov 25)

And today got 3 boxes RTD (exp Sep 30)

Plus a bunch of Milk Fuel… if I can keep getting milk… and TP…

Should be good for 6-8wks. Everything will blow over by then, right?


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You are correct in general, but it’s well accepted that lack of hunger while ill is an evolutionary advantage.

Based on my experience and everyone I’ve ever seen be really sick (with almost anything), lack of appetite when ill is primarily due to not being able to keep solid food down (nausea etc.). But people can still drink, which brings me right back to my original suggestion that Soylent is the perfect food product for anyone who gets this (or really, any) illness.

To be clear, this is not an argument (in the disagreement sense). I’m tired of people arguing where it makes no sense to do so.

When you lose your appetite during illness it’s due to the fact that you should not be consuming nutrients, solid or liquid.

Lode can you elaborate on that? Why should you not be consuming nutrients? Do you have any studies to back this up? You keep saying the same thing, but offer no further clarification or explanation.

As for myself, I’m just glad I stocked up over the holidays and have a 3 month supply so I don’t need to go out to the grocery stores at all. Soylent is perfect for a shelter in place order like I’m under right now.


The facts are you do need to continue to consume nutrition even when you don’t feel like it when your sick. Otherwise your body starts feeding on itself. This is catabolism. Basically self cannibalism. In fact if you go into catabolic state you need more calories to get back to baseline. You also need vitamins & minerals to heal & build tissue. This is why patients are put on TPN or tube feedings. This is all well documented in reputable medical journals. I’m sure you got plenty of time to google it. :sunglasses:


Wow, so much wrong in your post. Not even going to bother.