Am I doing this correctly?


This is my first time using a DIY soylent, as my current diet is typical American food with the occasional fast food when convenient (I am not too fond of fast food). My wife and I are about to jump in using a slight variation of the People Chow 3.0.1 formula, adjusted for our size, weight, and goals of course, until the official Soylent is available. However when using the DIY soylent site, many of the values in this formula are way over the suggested values. For instance, vitamin B6 is 2583% the daily recommended amount, and thiamine is 3065%. I just want to make sure this is safe and accurate. Below is the recipe I am using. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

1 Masa harina 345 g Powder
2 Now Foods 100% Whey Protein Isolate 85 g Powder
3 GNC Mega Men® Sport - Vanilla Bean 23 g Powder
4 NOW Foods Calcium/magnesium 1000/500 mg 6 g Powder
5 Potassium Citrate 6 g Powder
6 Iodised Salt 4 g Powder
7 Choline bitartrate 2 g Powder
8 Soybean Oil 50 g Liquid


While some of the micros do have a known UL (upper limit) many do not and are generally regarded as safe.

You called out two specifically, one of which (B6) does have a known UL of 100mg, the recipe you are using is well within the limits. The second, thiamine (also a B vitamin) does not have a known upper limit and would be considered safe at the levels in this recipe. Thiamine has been supplemented up to 200mg a day with no well established toxic effects.

I would advise researching any ingredient or dose that concerns you. I have learned a lot over the last couple of months, I’ve been on soylent for a little over a month myself, and the community here is always helpful if you do get stuck. The website here also appears to be a good resource, and don’t discount the value of Google or Wikipedia.

I hope you and your wife both enjoy the journey. Let us know how you like the recipe, and occasional updates are welcome.


You can also copy the recipe you want to base your own off of on the DIY site if you haven’t already done so. Once you do, you can make any changes you would like, and you will be able to see how your changes effect the nutritional values. The site will show green if everything is OK, red of you go over, and white if you are below your value. The values are based on the nutritional profile you choose, or you can create your own.


Ken​nufs, thank you so much for your reply! I heard about Soylent about a month ago, but I literally just started researching it seriously and decided to do it today. I have learned so much about my diet as well as nutrition just in the last 12 hours, it is staggering.

I have also created a profile on the DIY site, and I am already considering making some changes to my recipe. For instance, by adding MCT oil and/or extra virgin olive oil based on seeing your Hybrid Recipe in another thread as well as reading other unrelated discussions.

Reading through this site, the community does seem amazing! This is why I decided to ask here, to get everyone’s feedback, opinions, and etc. Knowing very little about nutrition, I also wanted to make sure there was nothing else to look out for that is not reflected on the DIY site.

I will definitely be updating my progress as I go, and I cannot wait to start. Thank you again!