Am I missing something or does 1.4 have 25% more fat than <=1.3?


1.3 with 3 servings lists 210 calories from fat per serving. 1.4 with with 4 servings also lists 210 calories from fat per serving.

One thing that I really loved about having separate oil was that I could put less in when I had eaten a lot of non-soylent fat. Now the fat content seems to be fixed at a significantly higher level. I’ve been a Soylent supporter since the very beginning and this is quite disappointing.


There has already been much debate and shock over the new and fixed fat content of Soylent. All I can say is the vast majority of it is unsaturated and mostly monounsaturated which has been shown to be beneficial to cholesterol levels.


It’s an issue RL has put a lot of thought into. This is their FAQ page on fat. Nutritional science is evolving, when it comes to dietary fat.