Am I the only one whose life has been transformed by Soylent?


I just realized I missed one more powerful life transformation. I modified my original post so people who don’t read all the way down will see this one, as I think it is pretty important for humanity. Let me know what you think.


I just saw this blog post with a suggestion of using “ice cube alternatives” to keep Soylent cold and not dilute it with melting ice.


Great idea. I will get some soon.


The problem with ice cube alternatives is they are poorly thermoconductive, so they don’t cool the drink well for the volume they take up. Here’s a neat trick: make a day’s batch of Soylent, pour a few ounces into your thermos and freeze it, stick the rest in the fridge, and then fill the thermos when it is time to go. It will stay undiluted and absolutely frosty for about 8 hours, and remain suitably cold for another 12.


@AgentSpiff That is an even better idea. I was a little spooked by the plastic in those cubes anyway. You know they have got to be made in China and God only knows what they use to make them…


It transformed my life as well in most of the ways that you’ve experienced.


Just thinking…why not make Soylent ice cubes using a standard ice cube tray?

I guess we don’t have to worry so much about it becoming rancid if they remain frozen until they are all used up, right?


I tried the ice cube approach and it is viable, but I found it hard to get them out of the tray intact (could have just been my crappy trays) and they are a bit messy when you handle them. Plus, it stays cold longer when you freeze the thermos.

Another idea is to get some small dixie cups and freeze Soylent in them, you can stack them in your freezer with sheets of cardboard and keep a bunch on hand This would be most convenient if you have more than one container.

For maximum convenience, I have 6 blender bottles and I keep 3 days worth of powder at a time in an airtight canister with a 45g scoop. Two heaping scoops makes approximately 115g (1/4 of a bag). I keep a second canister in my desk at work along with one of the blender bottles. This way, I just scoop without measuring, add cold water and go.


I’ve noticed that my craving for fast foods, or at least less-than-better-for-me-foods, has completely vanished. I do not feel compelled to go to any drive through on my way home from work. In fact, I LOOK FORWARD to making more Soylent, or drinking whatever wasn’t consumed during work. :slight_smile: Which is huge! Because I am your Grade A Fast Food Junkie!

Also, not sure if it’s Soylent related, but I have my theories - I smoke less. Like, wayyy less. I used to smoke about a pack and a half a day. Most of those cigarettes were consumed on my way to drive throughs, picking up food, or after a too-large-for-me-meal. Since all of those triggers have left my lifestyle, I’ve noticed I’ve just naturally … stopped smoking as much. I’m hoping this will kick me in the butt enough to make me stop smoking completely - but that is a work in progress in and of itself.


I already hate just having to wash the pitcher and 1 blender bottle, although I find the pitcher to be infinitely worse to clean because the freaking threads are inside the bottle so they fill with crap and are so much harder to wash. I’ve still yet to decide if I go with more blender bottles or 2 pretty big thermoses if I can find ones with a wide mouth so I can clean them easily.
Does anybody else feel like they spend too much time cleaning their soylent containers? It might just be that I’m a little anal about making sure I thoroughly clean my dishware (my best friends dad was a health inspector so it was drilled into us). I feel like that’s my only other struggle to feel like I’ve reclaimed all of this time.


It probably seems like you’re cleaning a lot because you’re cleaning more often, if you’re only working with one bottle. I rinse and stack mine after I’m done, so washing the lot of them is a piece of cake and I only need to do it every 2-3 days.


Yeah I think it’s just my being a bit obsessive about it. I rinse it in hot water twice, then add about 2 drops of dish soap and shake it thoroughly, then rinse again about two times. If it still smells soylent-y I scrub the whole thing down thoroughly with a sponge and some dish soap and repeat the whole process again. Then by the weekend it always accumulates a little smell so I leave it to soak overnight and use the pitcher since I drink a whole bag each day then.


Yes, I’d say that is overkill. Just rinse it out with hot water right after you use it, very easy to do when you prep by the meal. If you prep it by the day, you’re going to have to clean a big container every day unless you have several, and that can take up a lot of space. Blender bottles are easier to clean and they stack to save space.


Too neurotic for that. I’ve gotta go over the whole thing and make certain that there couldn’t possibly be any residue or it’ll bother me and I’ll have to wash it again before I use it. I think adding peanut butter might be creating a stronger smell though so maybe I don’t have to do so much but meh. But yeah, I’ve been finding the Blender bottles not as bad just because all the threads are on the outside so nothing gets all stuck in there.


I think I was unlear; you only rinse them now to make them easier to clean later. I rinse and stack after each use, then clean them all at once with soap and hot water.


Ahh, yeah that makes more sense. Huh, with like 6 of them I could just use the dishwasher whenever too. That’s also a good option.


I have enough blender bottles and pitchers to make it worth running the dishwasher when I’ve used them all. Since I already have the dishwasher, that saves water and energy.


Me too, I can’t get Soylent but have been using european alternatives, Mana and Jake and when I talk about it, I sound like a sales person, people actually ask me if I get commission , lol


I’m on the same boat OP!

Now food preparation has moved from “have to do” to “choose to do.” There’s a lot of freedom in that.


Another trick is not to even rinse with each use. I reuse the same blender bottle 3 times for my 3 meals for the day. When I get done drinking breakfast (still fun to say) I just put the blender bottle back in the refrigerator. Same for lunch. After dinner I leave it in the sink hoping that the wife will clean it. :smile:

I put the bottle in the refrigerator to keep the tiny bit left in the bottle from spoiling. Also, I reuse the pitcher twice before cleaning. I figure they say prepared Soylent is good for a couple days in the refrigerator so there is no reason to clean the pitcher after one day. By that logic, I could use the same blender bottle for 2 days and still be fine. We will see if I ever get that lazy.