Amazing Additive...Marshmallow!


So, I know this defeats the purpose of healthy soylent (but it’s only 80 calories more per 20 oz!)…

2 TBs of this per 20 oz (or 6 per large bottle) is delicious!


Is this something Starbucks sells? The sticker on the front makes it look like it was meant for store use. Plus who the hell would use a liter of marshmallow syrup? Well, I might. If I can buy it.


If you know someone that works there you might be able to get some :wink:


But how much sugar does it have per 2 TB? Too much sugar = fat cells.


I’ll have to check when I get home. I wasn’t too worried about the increase since I need about 3,000 calories a day anyway.


I think the average male is onlly supposed to have like 30g of sugar a day before gaining weight and women 25g? And Soylent already provides a lot especially if you have a pouch a day. I’m concerned!


That’s really over-simplifying. I could easily lose weight while downing double that.


Losing weight is based on calories in - calories out. Source of calories isn’t nearly as significant.

Side note, its 19g per 2TB :smile:


Additionally, there’s the debate about whether isomalutose (most of what shows up on nutrition facts as sugar) is really a simple sugar or a carb, but that has been discussed extensively in other threads.


Check out , they do have a “toasted marshmallow” syrup. I’ve actually wanted to try some of this stuff out since I work in a shop that has 15+ flavors of it but still haven’t. They also have sugar free varieties for those concerned about that.

(I know it tastes good in a latte at least)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t your liver take excess sugar and turn it into fatty acids which is stored as fat cells? Thus more sugar means more fat? My understanding is probably way too simplified, @Syke is right there.