Amazing but under-utilized plant!

I just came across a plant in the store that I haven’t seen before, it has many names:
Valeriana locusta, Lamb’s Lettuce, Mache Salad, Corn Salad(I know, it doesn’t make any sense).

It is very rich in vitamin A and many minerals but I haven’t been able to find its Vitamin K content.
I assume, because it is a leafy green vegetable, that it should be high.

I’ve been searching for its Vitamin K content for half an hour, it’s like no one ever bothered to measure it. Does anyone here have any idea?


Yeah nutrition sites say that they don’t know the K.

But you left out one name of this plant: Rapunzel. This is the plant from the fairy tale.

I guess since it has much higher Vitamin A content than lettuce, and they are both leafy greens, it must have higher Vitamin K content too.

Still don’t understand why this information can’t be found…

ESHA’s nutrition database says that it doesn’t have any vitamin K.

That’s not possible. All leafy green vegetables have vitamin K.
It’s just not measured.

Vitamin K is not called a “forgotten vitamin” for nothing…

Also, anything government related is cancerous, wasteful and incompetent.

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ESHA Research isn’t “government related.”

Cool. Citation, please?

Beg your pardon?

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Yeah, this is where conversations veer off into off-topic lala land. Do not poke the paranoid. They react with word salad (which provides disappointingly low amounts of vitamin K).


Socialist. You don’t have to be paranoid to resent governments. Their transgressions against citizens are widely documented.

Exactly, this is the short of it.

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Can we stay on topic, please?

Still no news on the Vitamin K content?