Amazing Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins 1.4


I’ve come up with a “recipe” for chocolate chip mini muffins using Soylent version 1.4. It seems to be so well received that even friends of mine who aren’t big on Soylent are asking for a second or third once they’ve tasted one. The recipe is surprisingly simple:

1/2 cup of Soylent 1.4 powder.
2 tablespoons of water.
18 semisweet chocolate chips. Yes, just eighteen individual chips lol.

You can multiply this to make bigger batches as you wish. This will make 6 mini muffins.

I spray my mini muffin pan with a quick spray of Pam so they don’t stick. This is probably optional.

Preheat over to 325 degrees F. Bake for 20 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes before removing from tins.

The secret here is not to load the cups too full, or else the centers will not cook and they won’t be as tasty. Soylent has this strange property of only cooking on the outside while baking, so basically we’re creating as much “outside” as we can by keeping them small.

@vanclute, I think even you would like Soylent 1.4 in this form. It is amazing how different this is from the drink and even different from the 1.x cookies prior to this, and with less ingredients added it’s healthier and more balanced than the old cookie recipes!

I’d love to hear people’s opinions on this simple recipe. Give it a try!



Sounds great! Might have to give it a go!


Got any pics? That is crazy that Soylent has everything in it for baking (other than the chocolate chips). Is it dense or is there some sort of leavening agent in Soylent to make it airy?


These were part of my first test batch. Before I adjusted the cook time and temperature properly. They look pretty much the same as the final batch but were too gooey in the middle. They aren’t super dense, they do rise a bit as they bake, but they aren’t fluffy like a sponge cake either. Less dense than brownies, I’d say. I don’t know the science of how this is working in relation to the ingredients of Soylent 1.4, maybe someone else can comment. :slight_smile:


These look awesome! I will absolutely try them. I wonder if tossing a little but of baking powder (or soda?) would help make them slightly more muffin-like?


First batch is in the oven now. Only have full size cupcake tins and I’m also using paper liners. Hopefully they peel off cleanly… this batter is just like the cookie dough, super sticky.


Did you add baking powder?


Not this time, wanted to try the first batch as-directed, then will see about tweaking it.

First photo…

Not exactly muffins but… they smell pretty decent at least.


LOL! I like that you still divided them into six even though you had full size tins. At least you will have a good basis to experiment from since they’re the correct proportion and (hopefully) cooked evenly!


Nice. Looks like they need some sort of leavening agent to make them rise.


Yep, my thoughts exactly… next attempt I’m gonna add some baking powder & see what happens!

Taste test coming momentarily…


Yeah my first instinct was to just make 3, but then I thought about the issues you had with them cooking all the way through and thought better of it.


Well… they taste a bit weird. I’m pretty certain that if it weren’t for the chocolate chips, I’d find them pretty unpleasant. And again I’m fairly sure it’s the sunflower component. Also they were just slightly undercooked in the middle, so 15 seconds in the microwave fixes that reasonably well.

Fortunately I did upscale the chocolate chips a bit (went with 30 total) so they really just become a chocolate delivery system. Not terrible, but not great. They taste like slightly weird cookies.

I know the goal (and one I applaud!) is to add as little as possible, but I’m definitely thinking that a leavening agent as well as perhaps a dash of vanilla or maybe some maple syrup, might work nicely to help mask the weird taste. Oh also they smell fairly yucky (that’s the technical term) to me while mixing. I’ve never liked the smell of Soylent and 1.4 is particularly pungent once wet. Not really while dry though which is interesting.


Interesting. I would describe them as tasting “like a bran muffin” which is why I didn’t tout them as cookies or cupcakes, but muffins. I’d love to see what happens with a leavening agent added. I bet a dash of vanilla would help, or perhaps cinnamon? I will try adding a flavor to the next batch I make (probably tomorrow) and see what I think. I know what you mean by the sunflower but I like that flavor - but I can probably identify when I’ve neutralized it, too.

For what it’s worth, there were no chocolate chips in my first batch, I made them with the intention of them being plain bran muffins originally, and added the choc chips the next time to try to spruce it up. I will probably leave the chips out while I’m experimenting with flavors so they don’t mask the sunflower oil flavor while I’m trying to… um… mask it with something else. :smile:

Still, better than the liquid form of 1.4?

I appreciate your feedback and your opinion, since we obviously represent opposite ends of the taste-bud spectrum. If one recipe can make both of us happy it might be universally acceptable. :wink:


Yeah yours definitely look like muffins, mine probably would’ve too in smaller cups. I definitely applaud the idea of a solid form of Soylent with little or even no additives at all, though I’ve yet to make that palatable to me. Closest I’ve come yet was:

2 Tbls maple syrup
2.5 Tbls canola oil
1/2 cup liquid Soylent
1 cup dry Soylent

Baked in microwave on high for 5 minutes, let cool & cut into bars.

Obviously intended for pre-Soylent 1.4 but I’m sure it could easily be adapted. The end result was fairly good actually, though probably slightly undercooked or maybe a bit too much liquid. As with all solid forms of Soylent I’ve experimented with, they got better each day they sat around (though obviously there’s an upper limit on that, I find about 1 week to be the absolute max).

I dunno how I could even compare the two. Solid Soylent and liquid Soylent are IMO nothing alike at all. They’re wildly different things, sharing nothing as far as taste, texture, or any other aspect of experience. I would say these are on par with liquid 1.4, in that I could consume them if I absolutely had to, but I really really really wouldn’t want to have to.

I’m convinced it’s that damn sunflower. I hope you succeed in neutralizing it!


I’ve been thinking about it and I wonder if a dash of nutmeg would help cut the sunflower without adding anything else too weird to the taste.


I think a little orange oil, or better yet a little orange oil and a little vanilla, cut it better than just about anything.


Fascinating… my other half - who absolutely couldn’t tolerate liquid 1.4 at all - absolutely loves these little muffin/cookies. She finds them totally delicious, really doesn’t taste the sunflower, and says they’re just the right size to snack on. She called them a “hybrid” that would be equally good for breakfast, lunch, or snacking.

I’m thrilled that she likes them so much, though I wish I felt the same. I just ordered vanillin, sucralose, and orange oil so I’m going to experiment further and see if I can come up with a simple recipe that we both love. Worst case I’ll come up with one for her, and one for me. I tend to like sweets more than her anyway.


My next attempt is in the oven now.

1/2 cup Soylent
1.5 Tbls water
1 Tbls maple syrup
1/8 tsp baking powder
5 chocolate chips each

Placed again into 6 regular-sized muffin cups. Baking at 350 for 20 minutes. Will be interesting… they already look to be spreading/rising more in the pan.


Oooooh yeah… these look awesome. Now for them to cool enough to eat…