Amazing Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins 1.4


Oh hot damn those are GOOD! I can just barely barely taste the sunflower, but it’s so faint it’s just kindof… meh whatever. These aren’t the best cookies ever made, but they are very tasty and I will very happily snack on these any time I have the munchies!

They might even be OK without the chocolate chips. Maybe. I had a few bites that didn’t have a chip in them and it was still pretty good. The higher temp in the oven definitely helped as they are cooked all the way and are even golden brown on the outside. They could probably even have gone another couple minutes, the insides are soft though not undercooked. And they are almost crispy on the outside!

Once my mini muffin molds get here, I’m gonna start making these regularly. They’re so quick to mix up, and I bet with another round or two of experimenting, I could take them from “pretty good” to downright awesome. Heck, doubling the chocolate chip content alone would probably do that. LOL

P.S. they go especially well with a cold glass of milk. :wink:


Glad to hear you’re finding something that’s working. I’m curious, have you tried the vanilla extract? I think I read that you had tried it in regular Soylent and didn’t care for it due to the alcohol taste (I had a similar experience with vanilla extract). With baked goods like this however, the alcohol should burn off.


I’ve used vanilla extract in brownies several times and it’s fine, though I didn’t find it made a huge difference. Might try it in these my next batch, also might try a little cinnamon. The sunflower is already almost imperceptible, I bet something like cinnamon just might confuse that taste enough for it to essentially not be there.


Well I’ll be. A couple hours later and these are actually slightly crispy. They’re basically really thick cookies. Slightly crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. By far the best cookie consistency I’ve yet had from a Soylent product. Somebody else, please make a batch of these and let me know what you think… IMO they’re very close to perfect - it’s just that sunflower taste sneaking in that makes them at all sub-par… but only just.


Jonathan, I will try your version of this myself and let you know what I think of the difference. I have quite a few friends and family around who can also give them a try. I still think nutmeg would probably help.



@vanclute, I’m putting your recipe in the oven now. Actually, on my tray of two dozen, I made a double batch of yours on one side, and a double batch of my new recipe (1/2 cup soylent, 2 tbsp water, 1/8 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp nutmeg) on the other side. I put 4 chocolate chips each in most of them but left a few without chocolate chips so I can do a pure taste test on the muffins themselves.

When I did your recipe, the dough was really really dry - so dry that I couldn’t mix it all the way. I had to nearly double the amount of water you specified to get it to mix. I’m not sure what that was about, and I double checked my other quantities and they looked right. I noticed you had decreased the water to 1.5 tbsp instead of 2. Anyway, the water amount is the only difference I made in your half of the tray. I’ll post pictures shortly, and reviews in a bit. Jonathan, what type of maple syrup did you use? Real, imitation? Grade? :slight_smile: I just realized I used imitation, so maybe this won’t be accurate, and maybe that is why my liquid amounts were behaving differently.


vanclute recipe, double batch, water as specified. This is as well as I could get it to mix:

With additional water:

My new recipe, water as specified:

Loaded in the pan. vanclute’s on the left, mine on the right. All the cups look a little full to me. Hopefully the added temp ensures they cook all the way.

I mixed the chocolate chips down in so the tops will get golden brown instead of scortching the chocolate:

Ok, in the oven! I will post more pics when they’re done baking!

… edit: Here’s the finished product fresh out of the oven.


Nice thorough experimentation! Our Maple syrup is the real stuff, grade A dark amber. I suppose it’s entirely possible that could have something to do with it. I did find it to be a little dry as well at first when I was just at 1 Tbls of water, which is when I added another 1/2 Tbls. Maybe I miscalculated… I plan to do another batch and add a touch of vanilla as well so I’ll make sure I measure carefully next time.

Looking forward to hearing how yours come out! Our batch of 6 seems to have vanished somehow… I have no idea how that could have happened… :angel:

OOOh you ninja’d me! lol They look good! Hard to tell just from the pics but it kinda looks like my recipe got the most thoroughly cooked. Looking forward to your posting taste results!


Haha :slight_smile: I did do a ninja edit. So I’ve been doing little tastings…

Both recipes turned out slightly gooey inside, not too bad. I think they look equally done. Yours seemed to have risen just a little more than mine, and also seem slightly glossy looking on top. I think if i wait for them to cool longer it will seem better. I did throw one of each in the microwave on a little plate for 30 seconds to see what that would do. I … can’t really say that helped, it seemed to make them altogether seem a little bit gelatinous.

As for taste, I was hoping yours would have a hint of maple flavor, but honestly I can’t tell the difference in taste between your recipe and my original recipe. They still taste just as sunflower oil-ish to me. (This is tasting without the chocolate chips.) I think if I had real maple syrup it would have been better and provided more flavor. The nutmeg ones, however, confirmed my theory, and did seem significantly less sunflowery! So I think I would recommend adding 1/8 tsp of ground nutmeg to your recipe, perhaps in addition to the maple.

After that, I tried one of each with the chocolate chips in. They’re really both delicious to me. I have a feeling most of these will be gone by tomorrow afternoon.


Frankly mine didn’t taste like maple at all, I think it just went to help mask the sunflower taste. I think maybe if maple syrup was used entirely instead of water, then they might come out tasting of maple. But really I was just looking for a masking agent anyway, and they did a reasonable job of that. I’ll have to give the nutmeg a try… it sounds kinda weird and unappealing to me at first blush, but I’m guessing that like the maple, it won’t really shine through in terms of taste, but will just act as a neutralizer. Good stuff! I’ll see if I can try some tomorrow. Actually come to think of it I doubt we have nutmeg… but I’ll have a poke through the cupboard just in case.


Yeah, I’m not much of a chef, but I watch my fair share of cookery shows on TV, and nutmeg gets used in some surprising places, like in some versions of the cheese sauce that goes in a Macaroni & Cheese. When used in small quantities it functions more like a seasoning which helps to balance the flavors of a dish rather than adding a flavor of its own right. If you add enough to notice it have any dominance in the flavor profile of the muffins, then you’ve added too much.


I wonder what this does to the nutritional content. If the cooking doesn’t hurt too much then this might turn out to be a good snack for kids as well as adults. Much better than the brownies, ice cream, whatever we feed our 4 year old. :smile:


Yep, even if the nutritional content is compromised somewhat, I bet it’s still far superior in that regard to the stuff the average kid is eating every day already… or even the average adult. :wink:


Mineral content should be unaffected by dry heat, vitamin content will suffer somewhat. Take a multivitamin and you’ll probably be back on par :wink:


Yeah and I would imagine that for anyone who isn’t 100% Soylent, it’s a total non-issue.


So how did they turn out after some sitting time? Next day? I’ve noticed a phenomenon every time I bake with Soylent that the end result gets better every day that goes by. But of course my test batch didn’t last long enough to check! :slight_smile: I’m going to make some more now, will try using cinnamon (nutmeg was insanely expensive for some reason and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any) and maybe a little vanilla as a way to neutralize the remaining sunflower flavor.


OK, next batch is in the oven now.

1/2 cup Soylent 1.4 (I previously had this as 1 cup which was a typo)
1 Tbls maple syrup (real, grade A)
1 Tbls + 1 tsp water
1/8 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
5-8 chocolate chips each

Baking at 325 degrees for 25 minutes 27 minutes
Makes 6, using full sized cupcake cups since it’s what I have currently.

The batter consistency was almost too liquid-y to me, but hopefully that’s not an issue. Definitely had no trouble mixing everything together at this amount of liquid, which actually surprised me a bit. I was going to add vanilla but the extra liquid would’ve been too much. Plus I’m not sure they’ll need it.

They smell just faintly like snickerdoodles (which I love) and I am very optimistic that the cinnamon is going to cancel out the sunflower. I’m also trying the original temperature of 325, but for a bit longer. Might even need to go beyond 25 minutes, but I’ll play that by ear. Ended up baking for 27 minutes. I’d really like the insides to get slightly more cooked. My last batch was still quite good, but the insides were just a little bit on the soft side. The outsides were great though as they actually got slightly crispy, I hope not to lose that.


Crap, though they looked done and a toothpick came out clean, they are definitely undercooked. When trying to take them out of the muffin cups, they immediately started falling apart. I put them in the microwave on high for 30 seconds, hopefully that will be enough to finish them. Guess I’ll know shortly. They sure smell good though… and hey, even if they fall apart well… that’s the way the cookie crumbles. (Oh man how often does one get a chance to use that literally!!! ;))


Well, I noticed the next day mine seemed to firm up so the insides didn’t seem gooey anymore. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it is awesome!

As for nutmeg, you should be able to find a 1 oz small jar of mccormick brand ground nutmeg for under $4 at walmart or any grocery store with the other spices. At only 1/8 tsp per recipe, that would last for quite a few batches.

Interestingly, I absolutely hate snickerdoodles. They’re the only “standard” type of cookie that I will outright pass up. I’d rather not eat one than eat one. But, I think it’s the cream of tartar in most recipes, not the cinnamon, that I abhor. Haha. It’s funny how different our tastebuds are.

I can’t help but thinking cinnamon will just result in a “toasted cinnamon” taste due to the sunflower. I will try it soon, though. I am up for experimentation, and I know cinnamon is claimed to have health benefits, as well.


OK well… they taste a little strange. I’m not quite sure how to put my finger on it, but I think the cinnamon and chocolate are kinda competing flavors. But on a positive note, I don’t taste any hint of sunflower. Unless that’s part of what just seems “odd” that I can’t identify. The chocolate of course saves them, and they are certainly edible and will probably be mostly gone tonight. lol

So my current thinking is, less cinnamon. Just enough to counteract the sunflower, not enough to actually impart flavor. So maybe 1/16 tsp?

I think next time I’ll try 325 degrees at 30 minutes, and let them cool completely before I try to take them out of the pan. I think it was a little too soon this time. Might still try adding that vanilla too, maybe in place of 1/2 tsp of water.