Amazon launches… own brand "Nutritional Drink"


So Amazon have their own-brand nutritional drink now… Anyone else see that coming?


They’re sorta like the Costco Nutrition Shakes I’ve been getting since Soylent is no longer available in Canada. The Amazon ones are a higher in carbs, though. If it really was the amount of calories from fat in Soylent that caused issues with respect to Canadian regulations, then I guess this ratio ‘makes sense.’

I wonder if these will become available in Canada.


Wasn’t it that + it being called a meal replacement? This from Amazon and the one you linked are both labelled “Nutrition Shake”. I wonder if that makes a big difference?


I don’t think there was ever an official explanation of precisely how Soylent failed to meet certain regulatory criteria. But yeah, it looks like that the percentage of calories from fat exceeded the limit for a product being marketed as a “meal replacement”. I forget what the numbers were for that particular rule, but I don’t think Soylent was way over the limit or anything. I guess we’ll have a better idea of the issues once it is all settled and we possibly see a Canadian reformulation.

And since we’re on the subject, it looks like we’re within a couple days of the one year anniversary of Soylent no longer being available in Canada.


I noticed that Amazon drink the other day. Unfortunately for Amazon they put such inconsistent nutrient values that it ends up being self-defeating. Some nutrients are at 50% daily value, making it impossible to drink more than a few of those per day. If they were smart they’d put the nutrients all at 10%. They also use carrageenan and milk, not a good idea as many people are lactose intolerant and carrageenan is a notoriously bad ingredient.


It doesn’t look that good, does it? It is not a complete meal replacement. And I wonder who is making it for them.

Amazon tries to do all kinds of things. Not all of it succeeds, and often they are just duplicating what others are doing.


Anyone else hoping the return for sale in Canada is not much longer? :canada::fire::us::santa:t4: