Amazon Price Hike on Soylent Original

I’m a long time Soylent user, I go though about 10 bottles a week.
For the past several years, I’ve been buying from Amazon, the price was the same, $34, and they would usually deliver in 2 days.

Original Flavor

However, today I find the Amazon price is $53.99 per case, and the earliest it could possibly arrive would be 8 days… so I’ve now switched back to buying it here.

And while some varieties are now showing up in stores, the original flavor is not, at least not in Silicon Valley.

Does anyone know what’s going on with Amazon?
Also, is there any plan to sell original flavor in stores?

I’ve been seeing the same thing with other flavors from time to time. Right now, Strawberry is also stupidly expensive. Either Soylent is having production issues or isn’t shipping to Amazon in a timely fashion, or Amazon isn’t doing a good job of managing inventory levels. I suspect the former.