Amazon prices drastically inflated

so i heard about the amazon sale on soylent today and went to check it out and noticed it is drastically more expensive than buying direct.

direct on the soylent site i can buy a 12 pack of cocao soylent for $42 canadian. but on amazon, with their prime deal today it is $60 Canadian for the same thing. how is that even a possible sale? why would anyone buy that when they can buy direct for way cheaper?

i also noticed a 1 Kg tub of soylent powder is $50 on amazon, that is a 2 day supply…for $50!? how is paying $25 a day for soylent a deal at all.

i dont understand

That sounds off somehow… but maybe it’s because you’re in Canada for some reason? Here in the US, the price is cheaper for Prime Day. Even a bit cheaper than the 15% discount tier for subscriptions.

The tub of Soylent powder is simply expensive, whether you are American or Canadian.The reason has to do with business. RF doesn’t expect us to buy the tubs. This has been discussed elsewhere on this site.

The Canadian price for cacao, on the other hand, has to do with exchange rates or postage or the like; maybe it will be fixed at some point; I thought that the reason Soylent is being sold on Amazon is partly to make it easier to buy it internationally, and stiff prices don’t help.