Amazon sourcing public list UPDATED


so ive made a copy of the sheet and im putting it up for public edit so if anyone sees something that is better or a error then anyone can fix it. hopefully no one goes nuts and trashes it. please make a note in the thread or on the page as to what update you made and why.


well that didnt take long for someone to gi in and totally destroy it. ill delete the spreadsheet and have to update the other one manually i guess


It never ceases to amaze me, how some people just like to be dicks! Were you able to tell who was able to go in and trash it?


Trying to trash a document with automatic revision history is laughable.

If you switch back to the version:
Apr 23, 3:19 PM PT
Patrick Sullivan

Then everything is in order. I’ve just made a copy for my own records


I highly recommended not using magnesium citrate. It has a laxative effect and isn’t as bioavailable as gluconate, or better still, glycinate.


i know i could roll it back but there were several people that messed with it and there were some people doing actual edits in between so trying to roll it back either misses some errors or trashes real work


@dovaka I’m slightly confused now. Did you fix the document or are you still working on it? I’m asking as it appears to be in your trash… Thanks!


Please also let me me know if you included the recipe changes from his latest blog post. Thx!


my original document is still up
but the public one is not. for every edit there were literally 12 idiots that screwed stuff up so i just cant leave it open unfortunately. i do plan on editing the original to reflect the new changes ive just been really busy the last few days.


Yeah I doubt you can leave a doc open and not get vandals. You could, however, ask those who want access to post in the thread or PM you their email so you can grant/revoke access with more moderation.

edit: Also, category for this thread should be DIY Soylent :slight_smile:


id be willing to give individuals access like that. whoever would like write access to the document please PM me.


Aren’t you getting extra potassium from your chloride source?

edit: 3.4g of that stuff has about 1.77285g of potassium if I calculated that correctly (and only 1.6168802g chloride). If you get all your chloride from that source, it’d also put you over the 3.5g of potassium.



there are a few things that have more then one thing in it which ive noted once i order it but the sheet doesnt reflect the exact calculation as of now. i do plan on changing that.


If you hadn’t see it, I created a spreadsheet system to help account for multiple nutrients per source:

(I noticed these issues with your sources when I started putting some of them into my system)